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 From: Cikiah Thomas


On a day designated to celebrate the achievements and triumphs of African people everywhere, the Haitian Revolution, despite attempts to erase all traces of its significance from modern civilization, stands out like a pinnacle in a dream, a seminal moment in the wide swath of human history. In this day and age when Haiti is often caricatured as a troubled and poor beggar state, ravaged by nature and devastated by political bedlam, it is with reverence that we remember that

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by David L. Horne, Ph.D on ALD and All Africa Day ~
Interestingly, a controversy and confusion stills reigns within the Black community (and within other progressive circles) over the annual celebration of African Liberation Day and its connection to more than the anti-apartheid struggle and other forms of militant protest. I wrote an article during May, 2010, that is repeated below in a slightly up-dated version, to clarify the situation. Since that confusion still exists among too many of us
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