Here's Èzili's Response: 

                                            "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and 
                                                culture is like a tree without roots." - Marcus Garvey

nago.jpg Zili Dantò performs performs the Nago for Breaking Sea Chain (See also Intro to Breaking Sea Chains)

Èzili Dantò Note:
 The Light and Beauty of Haiti
People are sending links to me of a CNN program ( ) called Believer (, hosted by Reza Aslan. It will broadcast this Sunday with an episode centered on how a group of foreign evangelicals, along with the local Haiti opportunist pastors they're funding, are demonizing Vodun as "devil worship." 

Old story people and boring. Haiti Vodouists are the scapegoats for all ills that befalls Haiti for colonial purposes. 

White fear of not dominating everything, including our ancestral Ginen roots and how Vodun honors the African (Ginen) lineage, is not our problem folks. 

The arrogant and narcissistic Christian zealots and thieving black opportunists, hoping to "Spiritually Map" Vodun out of Haiti, are the same criminal ilks who accused Vodouists of being responsible for the cholera outbreaks in Haiti in 2010. When will CNN do a special on that? These Christian's sick accusations and wicked superstitions emboldened the murder of hundreds of innocent Vodouist Haitians which they willy-nilly had accused of poisoning Haiti's waters with cholera. But, as I pointed out, just a week or so after the UN-Nepalese cholera outbreak began in October 2010, it was the international peacekeepers who poisoned Haiti's waters. But, like Pat Roberson, the missionaries in Haiti don't see how insane, racist or illogical they are. Worst, they do not see how complicit and responsible they are for the continued death and suffering of the Black Haiti masses for willfully and nefariously refusing to see that it's US-Euro colonialism, imperialism, racism, occupation and resource plunder in Haiti that impoverished the people, not the honor the people pay to their ancestors and core communal values. 

Vodun lifts up our people's African (Ginen) ancestry, liberation and sovereignty. That's why the European and white settler oligarchs fear it. 
                    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” -- George Orwell

Vodun is a science with many disciplines. It's a unique method of economics, mathematics, astrology, cosmology, dance, drumming, painting, medicine, psychology, law and it's a spirituality. It's not a religion but a way of being. A communal culture, the Lakou, Konbit, Viv inter-connected way of life. It's a rhythmic way of working and synchronizing mundane work movements to feed the soul (See the Haiti and Uganda work dance links below). It's the Sun people's serpentine path and cosmology. It's herbal cures, bad vibe maker-overs, touching the guardian angel, reaching for Gwo Bon Anj, Ti bon Anj, the science of reaching our subconscious mind. 

respect for the unconscious, prescient dreams, excavating the unconscious to get to the better angels of our nature,                     unending community interactions, unchanging relationships and unending familial identity, are a given out there where                     my parents are from"--(c) 2000 Èzili Dantò, Excerpted from "Sorry I am Late" from Red, Black & Moonlight (Vodun                     Jazzoetry performance series - Between Falling and Hitting the Ground by Èzili Dantò                     (

For those of you who wish I respond to the Christian zealot distortions, I am most happy to share with the information challenged folks that our ancestry and culture are worthy of worship. In fact, all my work- both artistic and legal, issues from being indigenously Vodun, not the evangelical stuff. Recall also that American Jazz comes out of the Vodun drums, chants and culture as does Madi Gras and the New Orleans' second line. That's just one non-colonial glimpse, that alone, would bring us to Rock 'n Roll, the Blues, et al.. But, I am not in the mood to list more. When I read that the parasite missionaries are still trying to exterminate Vodun from Haiti, I can't compute this since I've spent a lifetime teaching Haiti dance and the Ginen philosophy which comes from Vodun. It's how I found the lexicon to counter the profit over people genocidal non-humans; how I made my living for a long time teaching Haiti dance, teaching about the symbolic and archetypal nature of Vodun and performing Haiti Jazzoetry. 

The best way to say this is to show you. Below are links to what the free _expression_ of Vodun looks like from the Èzili work that's already out there. These racist folks are inconsequential. You may watch the CNN (Clinton News Network) episode or, if you're curious about the hidden truths CNN cannot tell; if you're curious about our world and capable of thinking critically, then learn something about Vodun by just enjoying our links on Èzili's master dance/drumming classes for adults, teenagers and children. Or, the Èzili Dantò school dance performances, theatrical presentations for the Red, Black & Moonlight series, writings and our photo albums on the Science of Vodun: The Light and Beauty of Haiti. 

If you go to our links, don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel, like, share, comment. Support this beautiful heritage and self-_expression_ Haitians share and bequeath to the world. 

Haitian Theater Dance and Drumming with Èzili Dantò 
Èzili Dantò West-African Haitian Dance Troupe, School Performance Clip 1

Ezili Dantò West-African Haitian Dance Troupe - School Performance Clip 2 
Èzili Dantò Master Haitian Dance with master Haitian drummer, Fanfan Damas

Èzili Dantò Teen Dance Workshop: Djouba - Haiti work dance  (See also the Uganda Work Dance video at 
Fake foreign aid or Vodun as Authentic Economic Development for Haiti ;

Èzili Dantò live in Miami with Sanba Yatande, TiRouj & Manno
Èzili Dantò performs at Carnegie Hall

Èzili Dantò performs Red, Black & Moonlight: Memoir of a Poet - A Burnt Offering to the Ancestors

Mysterious Caves and Cosmic Portals (Anba Dlo-Lan Ginen) of Haiti - more than a billion years of hidden history!topic/ezilidanto/dEV2_Z2se-k 

Vodun: The Light and Beauty of Haiti 

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  • DMV

    Thank you for this very special information on Voodun.  It has troubled me that Westerners continue to denigrate things they do not understand and may fear - remember "Voodou Economics".  My only possible departure from your statement that Voodun was born out of slavery in Haiti.  I believe its origin predates this period going back to Africa and it is a major unrecognized religion (by different names) in the world. Certainly, more research is needed.

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