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Kwabena Akurang-Parry:

LET me state some caveats that my effort at interrogating the conclusions of Professor Henry Louis Gates does not mitigate the marginality and chattel nature that reconfigured the lived-experiences of enslaved Africans worldwide, nor does it exonerate slave-holding societies in Africa as well as some African states’ participation in the Atlantic slave trade. Second, I do understand Gates to mean that the blame for the Atlantic slave trade should be debited to both Africans
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SRDC/PADU Statement on Haiti from Prof. David Horne via Sis. Iman Hameen. Asante.
(Prof. Horne is the International Facilitator of Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus and Pan African Diaspora Union.)


In January, 2010, a devastating series of earthquakes hit the nation of Haiti and left a stunning aftermath of death, infrastructural collapse, broken families and other harsh consequences.

We have watched and listened to much of the world's rescue and relief efforts, and indivi
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