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The Last Four Letters of American Are 'I CAN'

Ron Price, Statesman and former Dallas School Board alumni, shares his views regarding the right to free speech.

 Statesman and former Dallas School Board alumni, Ron Price, spoke to local media yesterday regarding the situation in Charlottesville, VA, and the resulting nationwide racial tensions.  He delivered open-minded views on freedom of speech, the President, our Country's history and its future, as well as a can-do motto for Americans.
"We sh
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Statement by Dr. Ron Daniels,
President, Institute of the Black World 21
Century, Founder, Haiti Support Project

October 7-11, the Haiti Support Project (HSP) will lead its third Delegation to Haiti since the disastrous earthquake. This reflects our ongoing commitment to stand with our Haitian sisters and brothers in this
hour of grave national crisis. Indeed, HSP is no stranger to the Haitian people. 2010 marks the fifteenth anniversary of the founding of HSP. Over the years we have organi

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Articles and Essays by Dr. Ron Daniels

In my last article I posed the question of whether Black voters should rescue the Democrats again in the critical mid-term elections on November 2nd. It is clear that the Democrats are in serious danger of losing control of the House and Senate. Therefore, once again the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is frantically reaching out to Black voters to ride to the rescue. I complained about the fact that the Democrats need the Black vote but h

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Vantage Point Articles and Essays by Dr. Ron Daniels There is a rebellion against Washington brewing across the land, and that’s bad news for President Obama and the Democrats. Unemployment is 10.2% and climbing. According to a recent poll, some 30% of American families are feeling the pain of the dramatic downturn in the economy, which has produced the highest level of joblessness in decades. Never mind that the devastating economic collapse was inherited by President Obama; what people care a
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