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Dickson-Adom_2176808.jpg?width=560By Dickson Adom | Art repatriation refers to the return of works of art or cultural objects to their country of origin or former owners. These items were forcefully taken away from their original owners or creators in their homelands as a result of war, colonialism or imperialism. Repatriation is a hotly debated subject which is ongoing and its fire has little hopes of entirely dying out. Staunch giants and scholars and people in authority such as art curators, art critics, art historians, art t

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We are working to build an three part community facility to help the Global African family. Please check the link and support our effort to raise the funds needs towards making this repatriation and education effort a reality. Any amount, no matter how big or small Counts! To support this effort, go to:

3828564795?profile=originalCreated by Kala Mujibha on April 4, 2014

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Indeed, there is great strategy involved in allowing a select number of Blacks to advance.  Specifically, in positioning a number of Blacks in top positions, it helps to deflect accusations of racism in America.  Thus, people become focused on what America looks like rather than what it does.  Accordingly, the principle of fighting structural discrimination is eclipsed by the desire to showcase difference through symbolic gestures.  Therefore, the presence of Blacks in cert

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-- Tour patrons will experience Ghana's culture, night life, shopping, networking, business, investment opportunities and more. --

Group picture of the last tour to Ghana in July 2011

( -- Africa for the Africans Tours & Investments is a black-owned Atlanta based international business enterprise specializing in Africa tours and investments services. According to them, "the African slave trade has completely divided our people globally and as a result we have been disconnected fro

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H. Khalif khalifah -

DECEMBER 15, 2010 -

DREWRYVILLE, VA [FROM THE NAT TURNER LIBRARY] The “$300 million dollar” Museum opened at the site of the first house of United States presidents, George Washington and John Adams received a sharp, negative criticism by The New York Times. But the historic site is a treasure trove for additional evidence to back up the demand for Reparations.

The tone of the article is, at least, partly because of the plethora of documentation the museum contains about bot

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