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3828589878?profile=original"How can anyone of African descent be worshiping the same tool used to uselessly murder their ancestors?"


According to a 2012 Gallup International survey about religiosity and atheism, Ghana is one of the most religious countries in the world. At first glance, there is some evidence for this: when you land in Accra, you’ll notice churches everywhere you go. If you look even closer, you’ll see Mormon missionaries on their bikes throughout the country.

But are Ghanaians very relig

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                                                  3828584693?profile=original                                                ~ From The Ramparts, by Junious Ricardo Stanton ~                        

            "Western consumer culture is creating a psycho-spiritual crisis that leaves us disoriented and bereft of purpose. How can we treat our sick culture and make ourselves well?"  John F. Shumaker The Demoralized Mind

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We are working to build an three part community facility to help the Global African family. Please check the link and support our effort to raise the funds needs towards making this repatriation and education effort a reality. Any amount, no matter how big or small Counts! To support this effort, go to:

3828564795?profile=originalCreated by Kala Mujibha on April 4, 2014

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An Open Letter to BLACK MEN

In the Divine Names of TRUTH, ORDER & in HARMONY with ALL of our RIGHTEOUS Elders & Ancestors, I greet you in PEACE. Brothers, we are currently existing in an artificial reality where it is Common practice & Acceptable to Disrespect Black Women, Black Family Life, Culture & Community; in public and private. As Black MEN; not the misguided black MALE, grown up juvenile delinquent mentality & behavior; But Righteous and Responsible Black MEN. It is our DUTY, RESPONSIBILITY & R
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The value of Culture.

Dr. Marimba Ani ~

All people, all over the world, throughout history have shared in common the fact that they belong to a culture of origin. That is a universal reality. Another equally important universal reality is that there are many, many different cultures in the world and each of them is unique.

The uniqueness of a culture is what gives specialness to its members. The members of a culture are bonded together by their shared culture, which gives them a sense of collective identity.

"We are

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Keeping Our Eyes on the Ball (2)

by Kwesi Kwaa Prah

Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society (CASAS)

Cape Town

Dear Gen. Williams*,

The flurry of emails, I have so far seen, have maintained the pace and heat of the discussions that were initiated and aired during our Johannesburg meeting of early January this year. This is enormously encouraging, because the free exchange of views is crucial to the identification and elaboration of a platform for ideas which could eventually feed into the 8th Congress. As originators

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