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Dear Mr. Davis:


  After Gil Noble suffered a stroke, WABC-TV not only changed the format of "Like It Is" but it also changed its name to "Here and Now".  While WABC-TV is entitled to air an "arts and entertainment program", it is not entitled to air or make the change at the expense of a public affairs program.


Two television stations came to Jackson, MS in 1953.  They immediately started practicing censorship.  Only the views of the Confederate States of America were allowed to be viewed

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  Ninety-eight years ago, today, on March 10, 1913, Harriet Tubman made her transition.  Today, we recognize February 21, 1965 as the date of the assassination of Malcolm X in Harlem and, on April 4, 1968, we recognize the assassination of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr in Memphis but no one will mention the date of Harriet Tubman's death.
 If there had been no Harriet Tubman, there would have been no Malcolm X nor a Dr. King. This is an example of genderphobia which is roo
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Black Voices Must be heard re Haiti

Black Voices Must be heard re Haiti By Alton H. Maddox, Jr If Blacks enjoyed political representation and not just political presence in the United States , it would be unnecessary for me to ask you to make a clarion call to get medical treatment for Haitians in dire need of medical treatment. Former Sen. John Edwards and actor, John Travolta, can freely travel to Haiti while the passports of our leaders have been lifted. Moreover, these leaders have refused to initiate a class action lawsuit
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