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turnerrevolt-1.pngBy EZRAH AHARONE |  Nate Parker's movie The Birth of a Nation has revived the question: What caused Nat Turner's 1831 uprising?

Turner, first of all, was not a deranged misfit who acted outside of a historical context of previous African freedom fighters. Throughout slavery's duration, resistance was not only constant and fatal, but twofold-- Africans equally resisted both slavery and Americanization.

Contrary to popular "feel good" versions of history, the "fight against slavery" should not be

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Capitalism Coming Home to Roost

By EZRAH AHARONE ~                                                                                                                               
While capitalism is upheld by Western-European nations as the paradigm for economic fairness and efficiency, it conversely has a 400-year history of profiteering that traces to shameless enslavement and colonizing of non-European people by the same nations. Today, capitalism's tentacles of debauchery reach beyond the so-called "third world" to now r
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Culture, Constitution, and Religious Conformity

By Ezrah Aharone

The Juan Williams incident and the rhetoric of Bill O'Reilly that caused Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar to walkoff the set of The View, fan the flames of an unbroken theme in history where no other "belief" has arguably been as unifying yet divisive, peaceful yet violent as religion.

Although the proposed Mosque at Ground Zero is widening the gap of intolerance between some Christians and Muslims, the tragedy of 9-11 (which involved extremist Muslims) is no more a window into Is

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The Un-Abolishable N-Word


To pacify society, “Media Band-Aids” are constantly placed on open wounds of unhealed racism as the Shirley Sherrod incident demonstrated. Although the William Morris Agency dropped Mel Gibson for spewing the N-Word among other rants, Leonard Rowe’s new Michael Jackson book shows Morris executives using the N-Word 232 times in emails he uncovered during a racial lawsuit. And Omar Thornton tragically killed 8 co-workers and himself after allegedly being fired for stealing

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The New "We the People"

By Ezrah Aharone 7/10

This July 4th marks 234 years of US independence. And although America’s ongoing “melting potexperiment” is theoretically unbiased to Blacks, Latinos and Muslims, the Southern Poverty Law Center reports that hate groups, like the well-armed Hutaree militia, have increased 200 percent since President Obama’s 2008 election.

Texas, the former rebel republic and current headquarters of the Guardians of the FreeRepublic is now waging new ethnic and ideological battlefronts,

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Lessons from Confederate History Month

By Ezrah Aharone:

Next year in April commemorates the 150th anniversary of America’s Civil War. So under the pretext to “encourage tourism” in Virginia, which has over 100 Confederate monuments, GOP Governor Bob McDonnell dusted-off an old proclamation that declares April as “Confederate History Month.” Not only did he revive it, he removed a clause stating “that slavery was one of the causes” of the war.

President Obama called this “an unacceptable omission,” while members of Virginia’s Legisla
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The Makings of Modern Mis-Education

By Ezrah Aharone:

Dr. Carter G. Woodson, the father of Black History Month and second Black PhD to graduate from Harvard, wrote the acclaimed The Mis-Education of the Negro way back in 1933. In the 1940s, psychologist Kenneth Clark’s “Doll Test,” demonstrated that Black children were being psychologically conditioned to yearn and favor the looks of White people at the expense of self-dislike. His critical findings were cited during Brown vs. Board of Education when theSupreme Court desegregate

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Political Burglary in the Union

By Ezrah Aharone:

During President Obama’s first State of the Union address, there were over 100 applause lines, no shouts of “you lie,” and no reality show contestants (that we know of) breached security on a schmooze mission.

Aside from these successes, the Union is being politically burglarized and is in immediate need of rescue – Rescue from the collapsing weight of national debt and unregulated greed throughout America’s “Free Market Capitalism,” and rescue from the fast-sinking quicksand o

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Happy Holidays America: Enjoy the Religious War

By Ezrah Aharone While President Obama revs-up the war machinery during this holiday season as he simultaneously holds the Nobel Peace Prize, it brings ponder to the possibility of lasting peace, considering that this conflict also embodies a borderless ideological “collision of religions.” Although 9/11 makes the US feel justified in droning Afghanistan into submission, a few factors are worth noting since the groups known as Al Qaeda, Taliban, and Islamists are not all regional members of so
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