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By PJ Rain
[BN-W Sports]

Shortly after his signing during the midst of the NBA’s 2010 Summer free agency frenzy,New York Knicks power forward Amar’e Stoudamire proclaimed that he intended to spiritually immerse himself into the Jewish faith. Stoudamire’s mother had often spoken to him when he was younger about his “Jewish roots,” and during an interview that he gave on his recent visit to Israel, he stated “I’m a history guy. I love studying. I wanted to try to find my original culture. I’m very

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With the history of racism and discrimination in the U.S., black people have become very observant. These skills have become very honed and polished over the years due to inequalities in all aspects of life. This is a trait that has led to many a court case being brought to flush out racism, to the benefit of generations to come. Some people have tried to underestimate these observational skills by marginalizing them. This has spawned the phrase"playing the race card".
When black people point out
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