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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey



     Pastor Timothy Flemming, Sr. preached a great sermon during the wee days of 2023 entitled: “The Upward Look”.  One of the bellringers of the message concerned our frequent desire to ‘look back’ in our lives and spend an ungodly amount of time fretting over what has already been done.  “You have to let the past—pass!” Pastor Flemming urged his Atlanta, Ga. Congregation.

     This is sound wisdom. Too many of us let the past pull us back.  It doesn’t matter if it happened yesterday

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* Edmundo Galiza Matos Junior, speaking on behalf of Africa at the opening of the First Asia-Africa Youth Festival, Beijing

Distinct leaders of the People's Republic of China, young Asians, Africans and our host China

Ladies and gentlemen

  1. We Fit it to honor to proceed with a speech in representation of all the young Africans, invited by our country friend and brother, China and we thank you, but above all  hope to renew our laces of brotherhood here;
  2. Let me start by making  a historical, social and
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Young Philadelphia demand Egyptian president Mubarak to step down now!


protest held today for the ouster of Egyptian president as uprising begins across North Africa and Tunisia. Philly youth took matters into their own hands today, Feb. 2, 2011.


Approximately 250 protesters marched from 22nd and Market streets in
Philadelphia to City hall in support of the Egyptian people calling
for the ouster of the current president. the overwhelming theme of todays protest was freedom, stating 30 years is eno

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BEBASHI‘S HYPE program combats STD, HIV infection, and teen pregnancies among adolescents through a continuum of services designed to increase perception of risk, develop knowledge and skills to reduce that risk, and develop strategies to successfully sustain behavior changes. It also ensures that youth receive linkages to appropriate health care and other social services. This continuum of services includes outreach, counseling and testing and educational workshops.

BEBASHI’S HYPE Program (Helpi

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REACHOUT COMMITTEE INC is dedicated to the elimination of youth violence and the empowerment of youth and community. We promote youth and community empowerment through awareness, encouragement and communication. We provide educational, cultural and social services programs to support the positive development of youth and their families; and as an alternative to crime. The primary focus of REACHOUT is youth between the ages of 5 - 30 years old. REACHOUT COMMITTEE INC is a community-based organiz
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Youth Leadership Training Project

Press ReleaseFor Immediate Use: 28 September 2009Contact: Ada Robinson 601.353.3663Brotha Lukata 601.957.2969RE: Youth Leadership & Personal Development/Life Skills Training Project“Changing Attitudes; Increasing Aptitudes ...Elevating Altitudes”LPD-LS w/OPS-KP(Leadership & Personal Development-Life Skills with Operation Shoestring & Kuumba Promos)Operation Shoestring and Kuumba Promos has collaborated to facilitate a bi-weekly Saturday Seminar Series for youth leadership and personal developmen
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Dr. Carl C. Bell, M.D., F.A.P.A., FA.C.P. President & CEO Community Mental Health Center of Chicago For over 30 years, Dr. Bell has practiced psychiatry. As an internationally recognized lecturer and author, he has given numerous presentations on mental wellness, violence prevention, and traumatic stress caused by violence. Most recently, he has participated as the Principle Investigator with CHAMP, an HIV/AIDS youth prevention research project in South Africa. He is the author of The Sanity o
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