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DRAKE Too Much

Originally Aired Friday 13, 2013 on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show

Ever since last night I've been listening to "Too Much" over, over, and over again... And it seems to get better every time. I've tuned in to it through my speakers and with my headphones and of course when you go Hi-Def you're gonna hear every thang! You'll receive that layer that is signature in many Drake's songs. Either way it goes, nothing can surpass a moment in the spotlight with his pianist/singer guest Sampha.

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REACHOUT COMMITTEE INC is dedicated to the elimination of youth violence and the empowerment of youth and community. We promote youth and community empowerment through awareness, encouragement and communication. We provide educational, cultural and social services programs to support the positive development of youth and their families; and as an alternative to crime. The primary focus of REACHOUT is youth between the ages of 5 - 30 years old. REACHOUT COMMITTEE INC is a community-based organiz
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