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Ann Thomas Hosts Initial Open House & Chapter Meeting for the Holistic Mentorship Network in North Central, NJ

Plainfield, NJ- Ann Thomas invites Holistic Mentorship Network (HMN) members, holistic and medical practitioners, and interested community members to the first open house and chapter meeting for the North Central, NJ Chapter of HMN on Monday, October 3rd from 7-9 pm. The open house will be held at Thomas’ studio, 1331 Prospect Avenue, Plainfield, NJ 07060.

The first half of the meeting w

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BEBASHI‘S HYPE program combats STD, HIV infection, and teen pregnancies among adolescents through a continuum of services designed to increase perception of risk, develop knowledge and skills to reduce that risk, and develop strategies to successfully sustain behavior changes. It also ensures that youth receive linkages to appropriate health care and other social services. This continuum of services includes outreach, counseling and testing and educational workshops.

BEBASHI’S HYPE Program (Helpi

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