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The Brotherhood is on the the move once again, this time for our new 2014 Summer/Fall session which will begin in July.
STEP Rites and Manhood Development Organization is now accepting applications for registration with special emphasis on young black men between the ages of 5-16yrs..of age.
Persons interested in registering a young future leader please contact as at: 
(973) 842-8212 
We need concerned people, volunteers
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An Open Letter to BLACK MEN

In the Divine Names of TRUTH, ORDER & in HARMONY with ALL of our RIGHTEOUS Elders & Ancestors, I greet you in PEACE. Brothers, we are currently existing in an artificial reality where it is Common practice & Acceptable to Disrespect Black Women, Black Family Life, Culture & Community; in public and private. As Black MEN; not the misguided black MALE, grown up juvenile delinquent mentality & behavior; But Righteous and Responsible Black MEN. It is our DUTY, RESPONSIBILITY & R
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The value of Culture.

Dr. Marimba Ani ~

All people, all over the world, throughout history have shared in common the fact that they belong to a culture of origin. That is a universal reality. Another equally important universal reality is that there are many, many different cultures in the world and each of them is unique.

The uniqueness of a culture is what gives specialness to its members. The members of a culture are bonded together by their shared culture, which gives them a sense of collective identity.

"We are

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