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YOU should join if…:

  • You are still ‘Black-and-Proud,’ and still ‘Say it Loud!’You still love Black people, and love yourself being Black;
  • You are a black male who understands the gender role of a responsible Black Man;
  • You are a black female who understands the gender role of a responsible Black Woman;
  • You are a black senior citizen who is “sick-and-tired-of-being-sick-and-tired!”
  • You are a black senior citizen who is fed-up with having…“been down so long, that gettin’ up
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Dr. King Memorial Dedication Should Not Forget Dr. King's Last Campaign On Earth


MARK ALLEN TALKS 773-392-0165 "And The Ordinary People Said"


Remembering Dr. King's Chicago legacy should include returning to the spot that used to house Dr. King's last Chicago National SCLC headquarters where he kicked off his national Operation Breadbasket program where part of his War On Poverty included his community economic program that call on Black and poor commun

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After my father's death I wrote a book title 'My Father Said"  It is a collection of many of the life lesson, traditions and beliefs my father shared with me.  You are about to read a letter from the book at the end of your life journey what would your son write about you?


When I was old enough to understand the logic that motivated my father, I realized how much he loved me.

My father never spoke the words, “I love you”, but every day my father told me: “I love you.” My father loved me enough to

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