fathersday (2)

Man, dads are hard to shop for. They can be indecisive or just plain picky. Either way, do not fret. You will want to consult this list of ideas to surprise the Dads, Grand-dads, Pop-Pops, Uncs, Ol'heads, Godfathers, and new fathers in your life. We won't let COVID-19 steal Dad's shine. Even with socially distancing, these are the perfect Father’s Day gifts to ship to dad to show him how much you care just in time for his big day!


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After my father's death I wrote a book title 'My Father Said"  It is a collection of many of the life lesson, traditions and beliefs my father shared with me.  You are about to read a letter from the book at the end of your life journey what would your son write about you?


When I was old enough to understand the logic that motivated my father, I realized how much he loved me.

My father never spoke the words, “I love you”, but every day my father told me: “I love you.” My father loved me enough to

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