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The Ramey Commentaries (TM) By Mike Ramey

     One of my favorite illustrations of the divorce issue rests in the plight of an elected official years ago.  This lawmaker was a ‘tough guy’ on the issue of child support.  He bucked and stomped in our Indiana Statehouse, calling for toughened penalties against those men and women who were involved with the system.  When non-custodial parents would come to the statehouse to express their views on the unfairness of the laws that lawmakers created, he objected the loudest.


     Until.  Until

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Does forgiveness exist in the workplace in today’s highly disrupted and fast changing world? CEO of Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd, Nicholas Goh, offers a tip sheet on how forgiveness can be a powerful business tool.

Amongst the many challenges facing leaders today is the war on talent, and developing transformational leaders to drive innovation and growth for their business. Does forgiveness exist in the workplace in today’s highly disrupted and fast changing world?
Would a business truly benefit fr

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Forgiveness is a Process

Jun 21, 2015 8:19 AM
by Rolling Out
Rudwaan's lesson on forgiveness

Rudwaan’s lesson on forgiveness

Forgiveness is not an overnight process

Many are writing off wrongs committed against them under the misconception that they are forgiving their debtors; this is a misleading practice, for there can be no authentic forgiveness without the one who owes the debt following at least three stages, First acknowledging that they owe the debt, second repenting or showi

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Poem : Can We Talk

                                                             Can we talk


Can we talk for just a moment?


Can we talk about what's inside?


Should i tell you that i love you ?


Should i say some times i get tired ?


Is it wrong to be disappointed about the times  i've  done you wrong ?


Will you still love me tomorrow , or have i really let you down?


Can you gaze upon my existence or have I vaporized into air?


Are our days really numbered , and if so will you meet me there ?


Can we talk for just a mom

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