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It Hurts Just to Think: Notes from a Native Tongue

excerpts from a student paper
by Jerold White

The discussion went well about Malcolm X today. The whole class participated, but I have never heard so much bullshit in my life. Someone had the nerve to compare Malcolm X to the Ku Klux Klan. I think it is better that I did not comment. If I did, I would have said some terrible things. I just cannot understand how some people can feel that Malcolm X was wrong to hate white people. "Two wrongs don't ma

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Poem: Heal My Broken Heart

Lord my heart has been so full of hurt


And pain. lord i'vebeen through the


Storms and the rain, through all the ups


And downs, this life can bring. so heal my


Broken heart and let me live again.. oh! I come


To you heavenly father ,cause you know


All about me, let me lean on your shoulder


let me get set free, oh! I know you


Understand the problems in my life,

so please heavenly father, heal my

Broken heart. 

 Written by Chief Prosperity

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Momma is somewhat schizoid, but that's what makes her normal.She walks cracked curbs on side street shores like a tight rope dividing two of her three natures. The third is so insugnifigant we won't bother to address it here. It's this fine line between being a domineering fag hag and a neo Victorian BDSM submissive.I can say that! I made her up.She's a composite, kind of like an alloy only more plasticI mean she unconsciously expresses the desire to have beautiful meaningless cuddly chat sessio
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