guns (2)

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and now Libya.. Ongoing wars and a blank check written for spending. Military hardware manufacturers must feel like they’ve died and gone to capitalist heaven….

But there’s another war being waged that will seldom receive worldwide news coverage commensurate with the above wars and never be given the funding that these other “perceived conflicts” obtain… Or for that matter a fraction of it

That is… the war for the lives of A Generation of Black men living (and dying)

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The gun and ship of enslavement

The gun and ship of enslavement["Like a machine it transformed the lives of Africans and Europeans alike. Europeans came to America freely with a design of a new way of life in their hearts and minds." Africans were kidnapped and shipped in chains with their life design already made, in the hearts and minds of Europeans. So terrifying was this technology that it forced Africans to worship Christianity/Jesus Christ."]The ruling classes of Western Europe were able to conquer the world between 1400
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