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A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford ~


  Rwanda’s crimes against Congo are the subject of another United Nations report. The U.S., Rwanda’s ally and protector, “is also liable for the genocide in Congo.” Washington has placed its guns and money in the hands of an aggressive, minority regime – which is not surprising. “U.S. policy in Africa has almost always been to choose chaos in those places where it cannot rule directly.”


The Genocidal Fruits of U.S. Africa Policy

A Black Agenda Radio

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The gun and ship of enslavement

The gun and ship of enslavement["Like a machine it transformed the lives of Africans and Europeans alike. Europeans came to America freely with a design of a new way of life in their hearts and minds." Africans were kidnapped and shipped in chains with their life design already made, in the hearts and minds of Europeans. So terrifying was this technology that it forced Africans to worship Christianity/Jesus Christ."]The ruling classes of Western Europe were able to conquer the world between 1400
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