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Be introduced to the most entertaining and quality music movement out of the Midwest, GringoGang. Hailing from Indianapolis, IN the Gringo Gang is a group of artists with eclectic styles, lifestyles and music sauce. Shawn Ham is 1/5 of the movement that is making up one of the fastest rising brands in hip hop.

[Single] Shawn Ham 'Really Know'

The first offering for the fans from Shawn Ham is the single "How Im Livin" (prod by Browntime), featuring Atlantic Records artist Que from the playlist album "Hamaveli" available on all re

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Dr. King Memorial Dedication Should Not Forget Dr. King's Last Campaign On Earth


MARK ALLEN TALKS 773-392-0165 "And The Ordinary People Said"


Remembering Dr. King's Chicago legacy should include returning to the spot that used to house Dr. King's last Chicago National SCLC headquarters where he kicked off his national Operation Breadbasket program where part of his War On Poverty included his community economic program that call on Black and poor commun

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