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Police State USA

                                              3828578466?profile=original                         Chicago's Police Homan Square Secret Detention, Abuse and Interrogation Center                                     

      [By Junious Ricardo Stanton"For numerous decades the United States has engaged in both high intensive and low intensive counterinsurgency and counterterrorism wars around the globe. But now in the twenty-first century all those same black ops wars have come home to roost right here in the land of the no

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If we are to win Black Power in MertoEast in Saint Louis, Missouri, we must deal with the issue of crime there. I have decided to go for it. I need your feedback and input. I think this is the right approach is for no other reason that it is unavoidable. Every time I deal with Brooklyn or Washington Park, I am confronted with corruption and prostitution. I have concluded that prostitution is at the root of nearly all of our social problems in the African community, out of wedlock childb

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3828549422?profile=originalI am working the Ariana-Leilani case: Ariana-Leilani has been suffering for five years from untreated Severe Chronic Neutropenia (SCN). SCN is a rare potentially fatal low immunity condition (like AIDS) that can lead to her death in as little as 18 hours from a common infection.   The experts believe that, based on the tests done to date, her severe chronic neutropenia is caused by drugs.  However, she has yet to receive any testing for drugs in her system in the five years she has suffered from

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Her name was Leave, but she decided to stay.

In her heart she just knew he would change one day.

Him and her played a sport that kept her visiting the Doctor. 

Some call it football, but it was clearly socc(h)er.   

He was precise with every blow always hitting his goal.

Chipping away at his targets her spirit, body, and soul.

He was nice in the beginning told her stories of being the victim

Said when life had him down people always left or kicked him.

This is when she made the promise that made her pay

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