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About Me:(Generous response attract more interest)
I am the Owner of Compliance Specialties - - an Affordable Housing Consulting Company for approximately 7 years , but have worked in the Affordable Housing Industry for approximately 18 years.

As an adamant advocate of Health and Fitness, I am currently studying under the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and write articles on health and fitness in any spare time that is available. For leisure reading on health and fitness, visit my blog at Mbodyment.

As the Founder of Mbodyment's Action Against Obesity Foundation, Co., my long term goal is to enable others integrate health and fitness as a lifestyle and mindset for purposes of achieving an enhanced quality of life.

Lastly and for social enjoyment, I have recently facilitated a social network, Fit and 40 Something. Fit and 40 Something has been created for purposes of edifying, educating and inspiring persons 40 and over as it relates to the mind, body and soul. If you are embracing this stage of your life and are feeling fabulous, visit Fit and 40 Something.

Setting aside all else , the societal standards and expectations that erroneously dictates our individuality, I am purely living life as I know it, believe it and understand it to be !

'The ultimate success exists within the mind, body and soul and not that of the world'
Maureen Guest

Visit Fit and 40 Something
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At 8:01am on March 30, 2018, Kayiroseiv Medor said…

I wish you good day health and happiness,I am Mrs. Kayi Rose Mivedor. from North Carolina united states of America Did you receive the mail I sent to you last time, ( Please can l trust you?
Best Regards.
Mrs. Kayi Rose Mivedor,

At 11:16am on October 5, 2012,
Sotia Teneh

Good day,
How is everything with you, I picked interest on you, after going through your short profile and deemed it necessary to write you immediately. I have something very vital to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site. Could you please get back to me. My E-mail address ( for the full details. Have a nice day.
Sotia Teneh.

At 2:42pm on October 28, 2008,
Mickel Hendrix aka Nat Turner

now, i've mentioned the element within afrikans-n-amerikkka that has been working hand in glove with our enemy, to gatekeep the potentially revolutionary young black masses in the occupied colonies aka ghettoes of the snakes.

a few examples shall suffice. for instance, jesse jackson was a rockefeller recipient, which means he'a a rockefeller agent, disguising himself as some black leader. he was also a spingarn award recipient, which means that he has an alliegance to the white jewish gangsterism. then you find that he is a member of the boule, which was started in 1904 by a group of negro college grads, the same ilk that dubois would go on to join and refer to as the talented tenth. and they were also prince hall freemasons. out of their own mouths they exclaimed that they should model the group after the skull & bones of yale university, which produced the 2004 presidential candidates. and dubois maintained that the boule should remain a secretive group. the negro who wrote a history of the so-called black greek frats, which was an offshoot of the prince hall freemasons was charles wesley, was a part of their clique.

in addition to that, jesse belongs to the council on foreign relations, as i had already indicated elsewhere. and the cfr is nothing but the amerikkkan branch of the british secretive group-society called the royal institute of international affairs, which has its roots in the cecil rhodes gang, which emerged in the 1880s.

rhodes was adamant about regaining political control of amerikkka, which is what he clearly stated in seven wills that he left behind to his trustees, one of which was nathan rothschild, who financed rhodes' diamond exploiting ventures in afrika, which led to debeers.

and the money in the wills was to be used specifically to recruit, educate and train agents to accomplish rhodes desires. enter the rhodes scholarship program, which was bestowed upon alan locke. and who was he? the first negro to be awarded a rhodes scholarship and one of the negroes who was a member of the boule, who was also in on the taking down of marcus garvey, along with dubois and seven other boule/prince hall freemasons. they had written a letter to j. edgar hoover, stating that garvey was a threat to the government of amerikkka, instigating the trumped up charges that were leveled at garvey, which led to his deportation.

garvey had once stated that there was something strange about dubois, as though there was some forces that were controlling his actions, which reminds me of the proclamations that malcolm x later repeat, when he made references to what he called the big six, featuring king. they both were right on the money. they just weren't using the term boule.

now, when you do some homework you find that almost all the negroes who have been given positions in governmental affairs and are so-called black entreprenuers are either boule members or prince hall freemasons, even martin luther king. is the picture starting to get clear? malcolm once stated that he actually went out and observed the action that was going on in the early stages of the so-called march on washington. and what he said he saw was a potential rebellion that given the match and fuel would have been the wrong mix for the enemy state.

so, the powers-that-be called got alarmed and called in their gatekeepers/boule stooges, which is how martin luther king entered the picture. if you've ever seen the photo of king at the oval office with lbj and the rest of them no good crackas you'll notice how king is in the back of them looking over their shoulders as lbj signed our temporary ticket of acceptance, which has an expiration date and needs to be renewed every so and so.

at that moment the deal was being sealed, through the likes of martin luther king, since he was in the spotlight, and was much preferred over malcolm x, george jackson, chairman fred hampton, assata shakur and many other revolutionaries who called for the overthrow of the enemy state.

and we wonder what in the hell is wrong with our afrikan youth? why they are in the state of mind that they are in? why they sag their pants? apples don't grow trees. trees grow apples, right?

another example of the illusion of black leadership, which politically correct is black leadershit, is the connection between al sharpton and rupert murdoch, the owner or proprietor of cbs! i remember watching the glen beck show one night, where he had sharpton as a guess. sharpton didn't know that he was gonna be ambushed, when beck had been buttering him up for some time before he had suggested him and ole al to both raise up their coat jacket sleeves, as though they were making themselves more comfortable as they continued to ballyhoo on more bullshit politrickery. all of a sudden beck says look you've got thirty thousand dollar rolex on your wrist, and something to the affect that rupert murdoch had been one of his money men, to the tune of thousands. and ole al admitted it.

now, do you think that money was for free? that it was just a generous donation to al's cause? of course, not. only a misguided, misdirected afrikan would believe that shit, because they have been misled by both sharpton and jesse, on some by and by change gon come, if we can just hold on, short of revolutionary politics and actions.

and then there's the cracka name roger stone, who was involved with ole al's presidential bid, which was about the third attempt of some negro running for the oval office, that the rothschilds and rockefellers could care less about, as long as they are able to control this countries economy. and who was roger stone? an architect or engineer of whoever they put him onto, whether jackass or elephant. one minute he's in the bushes and then the next minute he sharpton, just as i had mentioned about that negro powell-no bi-partisanism when it comes to power and control.

and it has never occurred to our young brothas and sistars that there's something strange going on, everytime there seems to be some type of racial incident from coast to coast, which has the potential to be an explosive situation, that jesse and ole al are always given the spotlight or called in by the-powers-that-be, as though they are the only two so-called black leaders in the united snakes. it's called the art of projection which will automatically breed internalization. therefore, young brothas and sistars will looing up to jesse and ole as though they the shit, as though they radical or something.

the last example is the connection that john conyers and charley strangle aka charles rangel have to the council on foreign relations. they are members too. now, help me to understand how you gonna be a member of the camp of the enemy and then turn around and be leading the reparations issue? ncobra's leading man for the past lawd knows when is a british agent, because you're not going to be a member of the cfr and not be working in the interest of the royal institute of international affairs.

see, i think what it is is that they're all hype men, just keeping afrikan people strictly in some mode of optimism, pacifism, integrationism, which is why we're always keeping hold of terms or expressions like faith, change gon come, voting is the way to go and trust in jesus. they safe negroes, who will go no further than saying safe things or things that are considered safe, as though they have a manual of what they can say and what they can not say, unless they draw persecution from their lords and masters.

so, it is obvious that we are in struggle not only against our natural enemy, but even within our own ranks, which means we have to clean house. throw the house niggas out of the house by any means necessary, and reinstate garveyism, at whatever the cost.

At 12:36pm on September 2, 2008,
Afi G. Osakwe
Kudos to you for your part in developing mind, body, spirit, and affordable housing. May you continue to be protected and successful on your journey.
At 11:13am on September 2, 2008,
Ah salaam ahlaikum
& Wassss-Up!
Welcome Sister, and thanks for supporting the Blacklist!
At 9:43am on September 2, 2008,
Bongo Wisely Tafari
Blessed Love my sister; welcome to the Pub. I'm looking forward to networking with you , cause- your health is your wealth.
At 9:38am on September 2, 2008,
Ali Aminifu
Uhuru, sister.
At 4:10pm on September 1, 2008,
Shekem-t Mut Khandi
Karibu arabirin (welcome sis)
At 12:25pm on September 1, 2008,
W. Kabaila
Would like if you would review the National African American Congress' proposal and consider ecoming involved with our Health Component, which would give you a national platform to operate from.. ......Hope to hear back.
At 10:33am on September 1, 2008,
KWASI Akyeampong
Welcome home.
Thanks for being here.
I am looking forward to you sharing your experience and wisdom as you participate and contribute to our conversations.

Please invite your friends to join us.

For more about TheBlackList goto:

Please spend some time browsing around to be familiar with the options and services available to you.

And, invite your friends!!!!


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