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Soutien du MIR au procès historique des réparations des 11 et 12 octobre 2021

    Objet : Demande de soutien financier et mobilisation pour le PROCÈS HISTORIQUE DES REPARATIONS des 11 et 12 octobre 2021 – Cour d’Appel de FORT DE FRANCE      Chers membres et sympathisants,     Nous ne sommes plus qu’à deux semaines du PROCÈS HISTORIQUE DES RÉPARATIONS DES CRIMES COMMIS PAR L’ÉTAT FRANÇAIS CONTRE LES AFRICAINS DÉPORTÉS ET MIS EN ESCLAVAGE AUX AMÉRIQUES, qui se tiendra les 11 et 12 octobre prochains à la Cour d’appel de Martinique.    En 2005, le MIR…

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  L'adresse du Mouvement International pour les Réparations au peuple Martiniquais expliquant pourquoi nous avons le devoir d'exiger la libération des militants jetés arbitrairement en prison pour la défense de notre peuple. Read the PDF file for moreADRESSE DU MIR A LA POPULATION MARTINIQUAISE 2-1.pdf        

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’était le thème du konvwa ba réparasyon retenu par le MIR de 2004.Le MIR a ainsi voulu honorer la révolution haïtienne, les valeurs spirituelles et morales ainsi que la résistance du peuple haïtien, et aussi rappeler tout ce que nos peuples doivent à ce peuple qui a inspiré et soutenu toutes nos luttes contre le système esclavagiste et colonialiste.Car Haïti, avant d’être le pays martyrisé que l’occident a systématiquement détruit a d’abord été une nation phare, le guide des peuples pris encore…

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MIR Martinique accuse l'état français revanchard d'avoir nourri envers Haïti une haine visible et irrémédiable reprise par tous les États racistes et néolibéraux de la communauté internationale

Le MIR accuse l'état français revanchard d'avoir nourri envers Haïti une haine visible et irrémédiable reprise par tous les États racistes et néolibéraux de la communauté internationale ;Le MIR accuse l’état français de n’avoir pas digéré jusqu’à ce jour la cuisante défaite infligée à ces puissantes et omnipotentes armées napoléoniennes en 1803 à Vertières (Haïti) par nos ancêtres africains réduits en esclavage et considérés hors Humanité ; Le MIR accuse l'état français de ne pas supporter,…

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  • West


    Sign the Petition
    Child Support System Reform--Stop Suspending The Peoples Driving Privileges As They Look For Jobs That May Require a Valid Drivers License.
  • New Afrikans, remember We make up the Republic and We make the Republic. All New Afrikans must declare their citizenship in the Republic and make plans to support New Afrikan Nation Day.  NAND 2016 in MedgarEversville (bka Jackson), ms. Thursday, April 31 - Sunday, May 3, 2016. for more details hit me at jackson_ncobra@yahoo.com

    Continued after the jump ....

    Part of the 2016 New Afrikan Nation Day Celebration - Youthquake - the ability of our children to demonstrate a willing and the desire to accept the responsibility to carry the Torch of Freedom, lighting the way for the generations that will come behind them. The Conscious Elders bear the responsibility to prep the Youth are their leadership roles. We are currently seeking Community Elders to advise the youth during the Youthquake Session during New Afrikan Nation Day, Friday, May 1, 2016 at 6:00pm. Currently, We have a tentative commitment from 12-25 high school students and need five to ten Community Elders willing to engage them in a human rights discussion. We're hoping you will be one of those Community Elders. For more details hit me at jackson_ncobra@yahoo.com.

  • Solidarity with a Nia
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., once said “Our nettlesome task is to discover how to organize our strength into compelling power.” On Friday, May 15th, a well organized statement of compelling power was made in Port Gibson, miss. The Port Gibson Committee Demanding Justice for the lynching of our Brother Otis Byrd made the statement to the Claiborne County Judicial officials and the u.s. FBI officials "investigating" the murder of Brother Otis Byrd.
    In full solidarity, the Port Gibson Committee Demanding Justice united with the Family of Brother Otis Byrd, The New Black Panther Party, the REAL Learning Institute, the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika, the Natchez Chapter of the National Action Network, the Claiborne County NAACP, Attorney Dennis Sweet & Associates and local churches to Lift Every Voice for justice for the Byrd Family. The Nia (Purpose) of the statement was to make it known publicly that We already know what injustice looks like from our experiences with the FBI's mississippi Cold Case "investigations" from the civil rights era and before. We were saying emphatically that Brother Otis Byrd's lynching case would not become a cold case.  Like in Port Gibson, cross america, Black People have to begin coming together on issues singularly and decide that Solidarity with a Nia is far most important and effective than singular gratification for ensuring justice for victims like our Brother Otis Byrd, Alfred Wright in Texas, Lennon Lacy in North Carolina and others across this country.

  • Chicago-Midwest
    A Black Education Congress: Reclaiming What Works, Passing the Torch. Chicago, IL., Oct. 10th-12th, 2013. Registration now open. www.BlackEdCongress.org.
  • West

    As-Salaam Alaikum,  Beloved Brothers & Sisters, pray you all are blessed to be well & happy (or working toward it -- smile). I haven't commented on the site for a long while, however, as a follower of the Teachings of Messenger Elijah Muhammad this is a subject that is dear to my heart.  Unity of the Black Nation in America & throughout the Planet Earth is the primary focus of Messenger Muhammad's Program and Teachings and, to my way of thinking,  the best way we can give ourselves Freedom, Justice and Equality!  A Blueprint for our success is enumerated on page 174 of "Message to the Blackman in America" as follows: 

    1.  RECOGNIZE the necessity for UNITY and GROUP operation!

    2.  POOL your resources, physically as well as financially.

    3.  STOP wanton criticisms of everything that is Black-owned and Black-operated!

    4.  KEEP in mind --- jealousy destroys from within!

    5.  OBSERVE the operations of the white man.  He is successful.  He makes no EXCUSES for his failures.  He works hard in a COLLECTIVE manner.  You do the same!

    In my view, if we are as tenacious as the lowly ant (after a trail is laid) in reaching our goals --- regardless to whom or what --- our tenacity and diligence would bring recognition and success!

    Peace & Blessings!

    As-Salaam Alaikum,

  • Final word:

    • WE - I = YOU(singular)

    • WE - I = THEY or THEM(plural)

    Ask anyone who propose what WE should do: What are you doing? When will you lead?

    People who wait for WE are either sitting on their hands or pointing fingers.







  • This is no rocket scientific, Richard. WE = YOU + I.  I and You = We.

    If I is sitting down WE are not standing.

    When I stand and inspire you to join Me, We are standing. This called leadership.

    We does not lead itself. We is  lead by an I.

    The problem is WE are all waiting for that I (messiah) - and you and I won't stand up.


    THE IS NO ONE COMING. IF YOU or I don't take action who will?  WE DEFINITELY WON'T!











  • Georgia

    What can be accomplished alone is better kept to ones self!  If there is no we or us than our accomplishments will continue to be as small as they presently are.  That is what is causing us to be a tinkling bell; to be ignored by every other group of peiple.  Not only are we small in others eyes, we are even smaller to each other!!!

  • Richard, there is no US nor WE.  US and WE exist only where you and I are present.


    When I and You are not answering the Call To Action, WE won't and never, never, will.

    Only I can answer the call AND when you join me, WE are answering the call and taking.




  • Georgia

    My call to action is for us to begin to act as the free people that we are.  Let us organize our money and work with the circular flow of the American Economy to create a sub economy of our own.  Everyone else has.  Whether we are talking about the obvious ones like the Jews, the Chinese, the Jananese or those who are less thought of like the Italians, the Irish, the Germans, Polish or Scandanavians.  We must organize our resources, target certain industries and become real players in those industries.  We are the only people in the World that have more businesses than employees, that is our fault!  We must use the tools that we can master to grow our micro enterprises into small businesses:  Support our politicians (so they can properly represent us) and employee our people (the ones who really want to work).

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