YOUNG MOSIAH - Honoring Garvey. Black youth voices from Azania.

In honor of Marcus Mosiah Garvey's 134th Earth Day, nine daughters and sons of eBukhosini Solutions (Azania) are honoring the legacy of OurStory's most profound Afrikan nationalist, builder and strategic implementer. Walking in Garvey's footsteps, they declare a firm commitment to build Afrika's future: Young Mosiah.   Garvey lives! Share. Spread. Distribute.   Featuring Warriors Minenhle Dlamini, Siyabonga Lembede, Mangala "Lord Strider" Mangala, Khanyisa Mhlongo, Thato Ntokozo Mashiyana,…

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AfricanAncestry(dot)com Becomes A Path To Sierra Leone Citizenship For Black People Whose Roots Trace To The West African Country

Landmark Partnership Launched with 59 African Ancestry Customers Conferred in Freetown on April 29, the Black-owned pioneers of genetic ancestry tracing for people of African descent, today announced an unprecedented partnership with the Sierra Leone government through the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and its facilitating agency The Monuments and Relics Commission that formalizes a citizenship offering for customers whose ancestry trace to the fifth most peaceful…

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The Republic of Nigeria's Citizens Commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the passing of Nigeria's First President, His Excellency Nnamdi Benjamin Azikewe

The Marcus Garvey Institute (MGI) of Nigeria headed by President Michael Joseph Harry, is holding its first commemoration for the passing of Nigeria's first President, His Excellency Nnamdi Benjamin Azikewe (b.16 November 1904, d. May 11, 1996). Encouraged by the founder of the MGI of the World, President General Shaka Barak in Chicago, President Harry organized a Division of the MGI in Nigeria, which has taken on a great responsibility to educate his fellow country women and men, about the…

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Repatriation and reparation against colonialism and slavery ~ Robert ‘Prophet Greg’ Mogg

Published:Sunday | April 18, 2021 | 12:06 AM   PreviousNext Contributed Robert ‘Prophet Greg’ Mogg 1   2   3 In this edition of Reparation Conversations, the Ethio-Africa Union Millennium Council outlines the case for reparatory justice through compensation and repatriation as a way of preserving the cultural heritage of Africans as well as reports on its advocacy around these issues. Reparation Conversations is a collaborative initiative…

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Chieftaincy Forum Africa Call For Critical Look Into Corruption Engulfing Chieftaincy

  Chieftaincy Forum Africa is calling for close attention to be given to the National House of Chiefs’ election as the group raises red flags concerning corruption entangling some chiefs. [By Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo] According to the group, gone are the days when Chiefs used their revered status to speak against ills and help fight against corruption in society and the country at large. They insist that nowadays, some chiefs are allowing themselves to be bribed by various factions to sway their…

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Pan Africanism And African Writers Today: A Critical Appraisal

[By Michael Akenoo] By definition, the term Pan Africanism in the context of literature refers to the projection of the African cultural ideal by African writers in their works of poetry, drama and fiction (prose). This model or pattern of writing up to the present time has its past stalwarts and chief exponents in the persons of such writers like Leopold Senghor, former Prime Minister of Senegal, OsmaneSembene etc. One can also associate this pattern of writing with contemporary renowned…

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  • New Afrikans, remember We make up the Republic and We make the Republic. All New Afrikans must declare their citizenship in the Republic and make plans to support New Afrikan Nation Day.  NAND 2016 in MedgarEversville (bka Jackson), ms. Thursday, April 31 - Sunday, May 3, 2016. for more details hit me at

    Continued after the jump ....

    Part of the 2016 New Afrikan Nation Day Celebration - Youthquake - the ability of our children to demonstrate a willing and the desire to accept the responsibility to carry the Torch of Freedom, lighting the way for the generations that will come behind them. The Conscious Elders bear the responsibility to prep the Youth are their leadership roles. We are currently seeking Community Elders to advise the youth during the Youthquake Session during New Afrikan Nation Day, Friday, May 1, 2016 at 6:00pm. Currently, We have a tentative commitment from 12-25 high school students and need five to ten Community Elders willing to engage them in a human rights discussion. We're hoping you will be one of those Community Elders. For more details hit me at

  • Manyang Reath Kher is a ‪#‎refugee‬ from ‪#‎Sudan‬. After losing both of his parents and being bit by a King Cobra snake1410802_10201187236041883_2352846355570662886_o.jpg?width=360 and surviving, he has created a non-profit called Humanity Helping Sudan Project where he is raising funds for the people of Sudan to develop their own societies.

    Read all about him! He has a very compelling story. If he gets enough votes for the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, he will fly to Berlin, Germany to speak to World Leaders regarding his cause. A lot is at stake here.

    We need to get as many people to vote for him as possible!

    Manyang Reath Kher
    Manyang Reath Kher у Facebook Приєднайтеся до Facebook, щоб зв'язатися з Manyang Reath Kher та іншими друзями і знайомими. Facebook дозволяє людям ді…
  • South

    SADA says since the formation of  the blacklist, members of SADA have tried to  reach out to Akwasi Akyeampong to join SADA or help SADA to send its message to the Diaspora Africans. All efforts have fallen of deaf ears of brother Akyeampong. I am not sure whether he is an African or someone using blacks as he wants. There is enough evidence that these Africans in America have been uprooted first and alienated from African culture by the psychological manipulation of the conditions of life in Africa and the minds of the Diaspora Africans to make the African American even Afraid of Africa. But the writers of African history in America, the first Africans to learn how to write have documented that we must sankofa our roots otherwise the problems facing us in America will be intractable and couse a lot of confusion as Africa seeks to  restore her lost children all over the world through the efforts of some of us who are aware of the presence of Africa in America and elsewhere. But when you visit America, these Diaspora Africans seem to have been turned into a different race of blacks. It is only by reading the recorded history that you realize that Africans were brought here to build the Western countries including South America. It is therefore our responsibility to build an institution to recognize the contribution the Diaspora Africans have made for Africa and America.  It is in light of this that SADA was formed so that we begin to study Marcus Garvey and others who have made things easier for us to recognize each other as AFRICANS.

  • South

    *Read Founder's Letter Below

    Kofi Agyapong & Wife Dr. Kofi Agyapong & Wife( Carolyn )
    Washington, D.C. First written August 29, 1970 Modified: August 29, 1996.and August 3, 2011

    Dear African,

    This letter is on behalf of the Sons and Daughters of Africa, (SADA), a  Washington, D.C., Tax-Exempt, 501(C)(3) Corporation. SADA promotes  the concept of dual citizenship: " Africa for Africans those at home  and those abroad" as announced by Obenfo Marcus Garvey, Osagyefo  Kwame Nkrumah, Omowale W.E. B.Duois and Obibini Frederick Douglass  and all the gallant men and women; is real and unless the Diaspora  Africans and the continental Africans build an organization similar  to those of Europeans to promote better communications, the spirit of  good will, better understanding, brotherhood and sisterhood as  descendants of Africa for our posterity, we shall live in vain and  pretend as if all is well with us. 

    Mr. Steven S. Rosenfeld writing in the Washington Post on January 28,  1977 on the famous ABC TV program on Mr. Alex Haley's ROOTS said: "....Blacks (African-Americans and Caribbean) have a heritage in Africa  and experience in is impossible to see one wrenching  scene of "ROOTS" after another without coming to understand that the  connection of Blacks and Caribbean to Africa is as direct and  legitimate if not yet as strongly asserted as the connection of  Anglo-Saxons to West Europe, Slavs to East Europe or Jews to Israel.  Blacks (Diaspora Africans) need not make apology for manifesting an  "ethnic" concern for their ancestral peoples (Continental Africans)  in Africa" AFRICANS MUST UNITE!!! 

    Yes, we are the Africans, the descendants of the great Pharaohs, we  built the pyramids and introduced the world to sciences, religion and  history, but modern history has been a bitter pill for us to swallow.  Our Africanity has been turned into British Africans, French  Africans, Portuguese Africans, European Africans, Russian-Blacks,  Chinese Blacks, Blacks, South American-Blacks, Caribbean Blacks,  Coloreds, Afros, Negroes and etc. We are all of the above because of  chattel slavery. We are the Africans indeed.I am proposing that every  living African should get to know, Obenfo Marcus Garvey and other  Africans who have worked to bring us thus far on the way. 

    It was only in 1957 that Ghana the first Black African nation to attain independence; and  in 1994 South Africa and 2011 S. Sudan that the last African nations  were freed from chattel slavery. Examine your own life and see if you  have done enough to abate our silent tears. If our nations have been  as old as the U.S.A., may be you and I can take for granted our need  to form an Organization such as SADA. For the first time in over 500  years the descendants of Africa are living together from different  parts of the world. I am therefore soliciting for your membership in  SADA. Thank you and God bless you. Visit FORWARD EVER  BACKWARDS NEVER

  • NYMetro

    From incidents happening in government, corporate and religious circle and the media who reports  it is apparent to me that the powers that be do not take nicely to Nefertari and what she stands for and more particularly the masses do not show much interest in what I expound. Hence, I am taking the exist.

  • Africa

    The way out of this trickery is to unite and stand up to correct our mother lands idea. As long as our mother land stinks and is in intensive care unity for a half a century now; as the same imperial master feast on his riches, the white man will never respect us. We have to disengage the Afrikan mind from interpreting Afrikan life from the imperial master's mirror! The Afrikan creative and re-creative intelligence were brain washed and boxed into the colonial masters concept. That is why they have confused the Afrikan consumer intelligence to always interpret Afrikan live as seen through the colonial masters mirror. They have made the Afrikan child to be haters of his own Afrikan principles and for their sins, Afrika is destroying herself from within. Afrikans have to stand up to save Afrika! The imperial slave master isn't interested in Afrikans but Afrika.

    Is their a permanent Vaccine to the retarded Afrikan idea? Yes! Find out in the Book;

    "The Great Conspiracy, The Black gods of Afrika",,, or

    The Great Conspiracy is a short letter to the Afrikan child in a parabolic tone. It is a poetic riddle and in sum proverb. Is there remedy to the Afrikan problem? Can the Afrikan equation be solved? For a half a century since flag independence knocked on the Afrikan hut, the Afrikan political elite and comrade in cola have not been watching the Afrikan grass grow; instead as leaders upon whose shoulders, salvation of the Afrikan child from colonial pharaoh's slavery; read colonial culture, traditions, instrument of thought and in sum colonial gods duly lay as Moses and his blood brother Aaron were to Israelis while leading them from the yoke of bondage down Biblical Egypt to the promised land; have been to busy staying alive. How can we watch the Afrikan grass grow using a foreign eye? "Lest there be any fornicator or profane person amongst us Afrikan brothers who for one morsel of food sold his inheritance. For we all know Afrikan comrades that Esau did and afterwards, when he wanted to inherit the blessings later, he was rejected, for he found no place for repentance, though he sought it diligently with tears" It is a social remedy which should be sought and or is found nearer home; from Afrikan own environment, culture and traditions. It cannot be external to us and it cannot be derived from a foreign alien environment because its tone will forever distort the Afrikan deed if it were derived from a foreign alien environment. This is because its spices will be foreign and not tied or derived from an Afrikan environment, traditions, beliefs, history and culture. LANGUAGE IS AN INSTRUMENT OF THE HUMAN THOUGHT. IT IS THE SOLE KNOWN INSTRUMENT OF IDEA FORMATION. PROVERBIAL WISDOM IS WISDOM OF CAUTION.

  • Asia

    In the world,you need do for yourself,people come  only for voice .

  • Europe

    The mind is a very powerful tool,

    And for it to be used as an tool against one's self is nothing short of tragic... If we were to count how many petrified individuals exist in this perception of a reality, I for one am sure that it would be a case of literal shock horror (meaning) Psychic vampires steal energy, not blood they feed on negative thoughts, mainly fear.

    If we as an African Race of people, proud race of people became brave and fearless for the right reasons and decided that enough was enough, and then borrowed and invested our time in ourselves without lies in our hearts and... Remembered what our roles are and were, (as our ancestors had intended), there wouldn't be room to doubting ourselves, let alone others. Trust would be at the very core foundation of our souls, and the true meaning of the coined phrase "Brothers Keeper" would taken on a whole new meaning and with it's implementation, I feel and know that it would take us far beyond the boundaries which have been set in place to keep us ignorantly separated from each other...

    And then, all we could really do is...


    Inner Peace Love from the Heart of Truth

  • Chicago-Midwest

    As a Afrikan man living in dis time , afrikan consciousness is rare or misleading . Wat I did wuz go to an african country and try to connect . Purchasing land , building a home and finding afrikans dat would accept mi as a afrikan brotha . Its wat I saw as a close society . Language plays an important role in keeping it dat way as well as kulture . Dat in itself wuz a real learning process as well as a de-learning and re-learning . Most I learned wuz not altogether true . Afrikan on de continent  more out of touch as InI all over de planet . One has to really open de mind objectively and see wat gwan on . Live de life , stop talking it . Now someone tell now I can ship things to Africa in a reasonable amount of time and not cost mi a arm and leg . peace

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