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Back Yard Boyz - Overtime Hustling

The Back Yard Boyz of Picayune, Mississippi releases track with +Nieman Marcus titled "Overtime Hustle." This track is also produced by the Lima, Ohio rap artist formally known as Gansta Marcus.

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These two Lima, Ohio natives release their fresh man track together titled "Bad Bitch Remix" Draztik Da Boss and rapper Nieman Marcus formally known as Gansta Marcus came hard for the remix. With Fat Man Scoop DJ Drops on the recording, and a remix sample of Webbie's "Bad Bitch" track, this sound is a sure hit for the clubs. Byron (Draztik Da Boss) Phillips was born & raised in Lima,Ohio. He produces rappers,make beats, and engineer. He has released 3 C.D.'s with the group "Trump Tight".

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