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Micah%2BXavier%2BJohnson-2.jpg?width=320I had this dream, July 19, 2016 at around 4 AM. I got up and wrote it all out. I didn't want to forget a single part of it. It was truly surreal. I typically title my dreams so I am calling this one........

He Survived.

Micah Xavier Johnson
His body was so stiff and completely covered with blood. His brown shirt and khaki pants were a mess. I had never seen anything like it. They just left his body there, didn't even bothered to contact his family so that he could have a proper
burial. It had been a
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NDallas%2BPolice%2BShooting2.PNG?width=320B Commentary: Sometimes you just have to step in there and say your piece in the face of total ignorance coming from folks who set themselves up as being one who is in the know.  I watched this video up until the 1:02:30 mark when he and his guest took a serious turn for the worse in reporting on this Dallas thing and in particular, reporting on what they perceive is "up" with the inclusion of Micah X Jackson in this scenario. SOURCE

You can watch the video from this point to see what I am ranti
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Every time a Black man or woman is brutally gunned down by cops, the police are commended on their service to the public.  Nothing was any different with the two Black men murdered by cops in Baton Rouge and in Minnesota.  Without any investigation, police officers received accolades and nothing was said of the grieving family members. 

Constantly we hear about good cops, but are they still good cops if they turn a blind eye to the evils of racist cops?  How can we not forget the cop who took a s

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driving%2Bwhile%2Bblack.jpg?width=320NB Commentary: I knew it wasn't over, I get this dizzy feeling when Shit is about to hit the fan. So from Orlando to this. If they give us enough false flags, with real casualties, we won't be able to keep up or debunk them fast enough.
Bomb Robots? 
Dang, couldn't they  just get me a robot that likes to house clean.
Seriously?? A Bomb Robot??
Okay, here's a question.
Who saw this coming?
Makes you wonder if they stage these events to test out their new weapons. I am beginning to think so.
Bet they w
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Therefore there are few tips from Dallas Logo Designer which are considered while designing a new logo design;
  • Read your client; the first step when you create a logo is to understand the client needs and the company activity.
  • Identity; designing a logo is similar to giving a company the name and identity.
  • Unique; the logo is the first design that points to the company and the company uses it in everyplace and occasion.
  • Limit number of colors; do not use many colors in your logo design. Many colors
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Feminism Lays An Egg

March 10, 2011Raynard JacksonWhen you ask a chicken for an egg, it’s like asking for a contribution. Chickens lay many, many eggs in the course of their lifetime. But, when you ask a pig for bacon, you’re asking for a total commitment. In other words, the pig has to die in order to give you that bacon.This should be the essence of having children, especially from the woman’s perspective. When you decide to have children, your life stops because your raison d’être is to provide for that child—men
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