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This piece was initially written as an email to two Elders who have often bemoaned the lack of unity that we as African people have demonstrated over these many generations since the Ma'afa (a Twi word meaning "great disaster", used by Pan-Afrikan historians and activists to describe the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, the Arab Slave Trade, the Scramble for Africa and the suffering African people have endured as a result).  I meant it as a helpful response to their question (which was probably rheto

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Feminism Lays An Egg

March 10, 2011Raynard JacksonWhen you ask a chicken for an egg, it’s like asking for a contribution. Chickens lay many, many eggs in the course of their lifetime. But, when you ask a pig for bacon, you’re asking for a total commitment. In other words, the pig has to die in order to give you that bacon.This should be the essence of having children, especially from the woman’s perspective. When you decide to have children, your life stops because your raison d’être is to provide for that child—men
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Bethlehem Star M.B. Church
9231 South Cottage Grove, Chicago, Ill 60619
Rev. Roosevelt Watkins III, Pastor
773-487-8441 - Fax 773-487-8603
For Immediate Release
July 12, 2010
For More Information (773) 487-8441
Bethlehem Star Church's HOPE Organization sites' (CEDA/LIPHEAP) Summer Cooling, Light Bill Assistance Program will begin on Monday, July 19th until the funds are exhausted. You may be eligible to receive a one time payment up to $150.00 on your light bill. In order to
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Hotep Amon, Brother Minister Paul Scott,We read your BlackList message to the people highlighting the parable of the 1970's comic book creation, Luke Cage, Power Man. (If you have read anything of it in this century, he has a white woman as his wife and has a biracial child)A few of our wiser friends who aren't into electro-magnetics (eg computers, digital anything) have come up with a way to see our community through actionable lense in which we can assess and measure how to best effect change
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