Micah%2BXavier%2BJohnson-2.jpg?width=320I had this dream, July 19, 2016 at around 4 AM. I got up and wrote it all out. I didn't want to forget a single part of it. It was truly surreal. I typically title my dreams so I am calling this one........

He Survived.

Micah Xavier Johnson
His body was so stiff and completely covered with blood. His brown shirt and khaki pants were a mess. I had never seen anything like it. They just left his body there, didn't even bothered to contact his family so that he could have a proper
burial. It had been a while and I was beginning to wonder if it might start to decompose and smell.
michah-x-johnson-dead-photo-dallas-cop-killings-2.pngI am in a very small town somewhere America. It was a town full of  Mexican people, but very, very small and very poor. When I saw his body, I asked my old friend, Obrafo to help me bury him.
He agreed and we took his body into this tiny building and laid him on a table as Obrafo prepared to find the shovel and get information from the locals where he could bury the body.
When Obrafo put his body down on the table it tilted to the side a bit and I could see his clothing matted with his blood down his back and down his pant legs. It was pitiful. They had beat him unmercifully. But the idea that they just dumped him was even more unmerciful.
I waited for a while, keeping my eye on his body and reliving what he must have gone through.
Then it seemed I saw him move!
Wait, how is that possible? He moved his left leg and then his right.
I was completely startled. I gasped and a flood of feelings from all over me came rushing to the surface.
How could this be? It didn't frighten me, it amazed me, I was astonished, it was unbelievable. Then I thought, my mind must be playing tricks on me.
He couldn't be moving.
That's impossible.
Then he moved again, all over. This time his entire body moved and he seemed to want to get up.
"No, Micah, don't move, you cannot get up, be still, stay there, I will call Obrafo. He will take you from the table and look after you don't move!
I call out.
"Obrafo, Obrafo, come here, come quickly!"
simple-house.jpgLuckily had just left a few moments ago and he hadn't got too far.
He rushed back.
"Obrafo, Obrafo, he's not dead! He just moved, I saw him!"
"Really, are you sure you saw that?" He seemed pretty dead to me."
"I know, it might sound crazy, I might sound crazy but he moved, I saw him move, he tried to get up!"
"Well, if he did, he better stay put, after a beating like that he can't be moving around, but are you sure?"
"Yes, come here and see for your self!"
Obrafo came back into the building and he saw for himself. Micah was alive and attempting to move but he was out of it, and he could barely move.
"Yo man, don't move, stay still, let me get you off that table."
Obrafo took him off the table and laid Micah on  a flat bed that was nearby. His face was so swollen, he was almost unrecognizable, but I knew who he was.
He lie there for a few seconds and from his left eye a mucusy tear weld up. It was so thick and full of blood and could barely fall from its swollen eye. That eye was so badly damaged, I doubt if he had any vision in it. I felt this warm sensation go all over my body. It was coming from him. It was a sensation of gratitude and appreciation that you can only feel from someone who is so filled up that you saved their lives.
"Micah, don't cry, we are gonna take care of you. Don't worry, you will be safe now."
It was strange though because he began to recover, really quickly. He wasn't talking and he was terribly wounded but he was able to sit up and in a little bit he was able to stand. It was amazing and sad as well.
"Look, man, be careful, we are gonna clean you up, get you some new clothes and get you taken care of. You don't have to get up right now, take your time, take it easy." Obrafo says.
"Obrafo, we need to be careful too. If they find out that he survived they may come back and try to kill him for sure next time."
"You're right. We better think this one through."
"One thing for sure", I say, "we better watch who comes near him because one of these people may know what happened to him and start to talk and before you know it… they'll be back. Good thing you didn't get a chance to ask anyone for a shovel and a place to bury him."
"Yeah, that's for sure, plus it would probably freak these folks out if they knew he came back from the dead."
"Yeah, let's just say he was in a terrible accident."
"That's a good idea, we can probably get some help getting him back on his feet if we say that as well. We certainly can't tell these folks what really happened."
I turn to Micah and say.
"Listen Micah, we are gonna make sure that you are okay, but you have to be very, very careful who you associate with after you get better. Actually, even now because you never know who may come around you. If the word gets out that you survived, they might try to come back and finish the job."
Micah nods in agreement but you can see that he is in a lot of pain.
He's coming around little by little.
We are still in this tiny building, more like a one room building with the table and small bed on the other side of the room. Micah is lying on the bed, but he is trying to get up.
"Take it easy man, rest a bit, okay, get your strength back. We'll take you outa here soon, but there's no rush." Obrafo says.
It was strange though, it seemed that as soon as he started to breath regularly, he started to get better and better, He actually began to transform right in front of our eyes. Not in a way that you see in the movies, but he seemed to have miraculous healing abilities and once he became conscious he began to heal really quickly to the point where he regained his strength with astonishing speed. That is where his healing was most pronounce, his strength. He was still beat up and barely recognizable but he was able to move his body and eventually stand up on his own. All I could think was that he was a very, very strong man. They knocked him out and left him for dead, but being unconscious, they had no idea, and I don't think they cared.
Two young ladies attempt to enter the building. I stop them at the door. They are both European women, one has dark hair and appears in her late 30's, the other a little taller, had bright blonde hair and appeared to be in her mid to late 20's. She is carrying a covered bowl and so I cannot see what's in it.
I say, "Hi, can I help you? Do you need something?"
"No" the blond girl responds, "We just wanted to bring him some soup and hope he feels better soon."
"Uh, well thanks but no thanks, we are fine, we will take care of him. Thanks anyway."
The blonde girl winced a bit as if she was hurt by my words, but I didn't trust them and certainly didn't trust them to be a member of the local population that was clearly Mexican. She looked so out of place here.
"Oh, okay, well, maybe you could take it and give it to him later?"
"No thank you, that's a kind gesture and it's appreciated but we will take care of him. Thanks again."
She didn't take the second rejection too well at all. She grimaced and I could see that she had nefarious intentions, if no more than to see who he was. I don't know, maybe she was a spy or something, she sure did look out of place there. Maybe she was just being nosey. What ever the case may be, we certainly need to keep it quiet as to how he got beat up. Maybe we will say he was in a car accident and that he is our brother or something generic so they don't get a hint that a hit was taken out on him and he survived!
Later, he is up and he is carving up a horse. This is a dream, so I am not sure of the time that passed before we get to this part where he is up carving meat.
The horse was a sacrifice. For his life, we had to kill a horse. But I don't see this part happen in the dream. I just know it happened. And Micah has gotten so much of  his strength back by now that he is able to stand, by that same table we laid him on and carve the meat of the horse.
He is almost done when an elderly Mexican lady comes to the door. She doesn't say a word, but she looks like she would really like to have some of the meat. I begin to wonder if anyone should eat the meat because some sacrifices should not be eaten. But she looked really pitiful, sincerely pitiful and impoverished and really, really hungry.

Micah didn't see her at first as he was busy carving the meat and was nearly done. He looked up to see her, and he initially hesitated to give her any of the meat, he knew what she wanted, even though she didn't say a word to us. He kept carving and was carving meat from the head of the horse. He was putting the meat in a large bowl to the side of the table. He looks up again, and this time he reached into the bowl and gave the woman a couple of pieces of the meat.
I wondered to myself..
Should he do that?
After a pensive moment I I settled with the idea, that maybe he should offer some of the meat to this poor ole lady, and that that would also be part of the ritual, and a blessing and maybe added protection. I looked over at Obrafo and he seemed to catch what I was thinking and we nodded to each other.
It's a dream, and I am not sure of the time that passes in this part, and because he was significantly getting his strength back, it is hard to determine.
But in this part,
We are leaving the building.
Micah has full range of his body and he is up and able to walk out of the building unaided.
As we leave the building I say.
"You are gonna be alright. We gonna give you another name.  We will find you a place to stay. You can stay here and no one will know the difference.
You will have a whole new identity.
But remember, do not take anything from anyone."
I have very interesting dreams. I do a lot of traveling in them and take on many different characters. I am not sure if I was myself or some other character, but Obrafo was definitely himself. We are in a very small rural Mexican town somewhere USA. (In Ghana, anyone named Obrafo is the person who has the responsibility of making  the animal sacrifices for the deities.)
I don't see my dreams as prophetic in a literal sense, though they tend to have waking reality indicators in them.
One thing that is for sure, in this instance, if he survived that horrible treatment, then I would be most happy to hear that news. I am not sure if this dream is telling me this, but for sure it would be an amazing thing if it were.

Rise in Power, Micah Xavier Johnson!
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