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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey



      A few years back, it was revealed that for every one million students who played basketball, maybe two would have the talent to turn pro.  This was roughly the same ratio for those who wanted to play professional football.  This simply means that for the rest of the young men involved in athletics, they would need to have a realistic ‘back up’ plan for success after their high school and college sports days were behind them.

      Over the years, we would hope that man

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By Saeed Shabazz ~


  Eric Williams, a Dallas-based filmmaker and anti-bullying activist claims that while he was going about the business of counseling youth in Arlington, Texas, the site for the NFL’s ‘Super Bowl XLV’ he was  “bullied by the NFL”.

  “I had permission from the Best Buy Company to use their parking lot to set up my bus near Cowboys Stadium, but that meant nothing to the police and NFL private security people who told me to move my bus,” Williams argues. He said they asked if he ha

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10_smith%5C2010_0826_gb033_macht.jpgIndianapolis Colts Wide Receiver Taj Smith joined a panel of current and former NFL athletes for the Young Fathers Program in celebration of Black History Month at UMDNJ in Newark.

Topics included life before and after football and what it means to be a “Football Father”.
Newark, N.J.—February 28, 2011—On Wednesday February 24, 2011 the Young Fathers Program at UMDNJ joined professionals from the Sports Industry for a presentation on “The Pressure/Impact of Black Professional Athletes in Raising a

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