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Armageddon Within: The Final Fight

(Using Your Talents For Entrepreneurship)

By Kamal Imani



Although there are a multitude of things going on in the external world that can cause distractions, drama and dissatisfaction, are these things the real reason that are keeping you from going to the next level? Or, are there some internal voices that are giving you excuses that you tell to yourself so frequently that you actually begin to believe your own lie? Have you actually brainwashed or hypnotiz

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How To Get Famous As A Speaker

In 1975 at the stroke of midnight
on Halloween, Michael Franzese
walked into a room with a hand
full of other men.

At the young age of 24 he was
about to be baptized in the
Colombo crime family in New York.

The boss then took a picture of
a saint and lit it on fire with
a gold lighter and dropped the
burning picture into the now
cupped hands of Michael.

"If you violate what you know
about this life or betray your
brothers, then you will die - -
then you will die, and you're
going to burn in hell li
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