Tough Times Ahead

From The RampartsJunious Ricardo StantonTough Times AheadBy all accounts the global financial situation is bleak. The corporatist mind control apparatus is keeping the masses dis-informed, duped and distracted while the financial elites rearrange the deck chairs and reshuffle the cards to confuse and obfuscate the situation. Their goal is to pull off another major heist of the our money under the guise of saving the US economy. The media talking heads are hinting we are facing the most severe economic crisis since the 1930's. By that reckoning we are indeed in deep trouble because in the 1930's Wall Street didn’t have Hedge Funds or derivatives and the financial system then wasn’t facing a quadrillion dollars in collapsing debt. That’s right, the over leveraged debt of Wall Street and the Shadow Financial System which is causing all the havoc around the world is greater than the worth of the whole global economy put together !It bespeaks our media induced narcosis and stupor that we passively go along with all the okey-doke that is playing out around us as the bottom is falling out. People are either sanguine about current events or they are so spaced and spazzed out, they don’t realize our standard of living is shrinking and shriveling as we speak. We are facing a crisis most analysts say is worse than the one our parents and grandparents faced during the Great Depression. People forget the depression lasted for over ten years. The only thing that pulled the US out of its’ economic morass was Roosevelt maneuvering the country into WWII. The raw materials were there in 1930, the labor force was there, the industrial infrastructure was three also, the only thing absent was money and credit from the banks for business financing. The Fed and the surviving banks withheld money and credit. That is the same condition that exists today !Many of the people who experienced the Great Depression in the early ‘30's didn’t just sit on their hands and hope things would get better. They challenged the powers that be. Their anger forced the government to act to prevent revolt and revolution. That’ was the real impetus for Roosevelt’s “New Deal” agenda. “Roosevelt took over a country where the economic machinery had completely broken down. The New York Stock Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade had closed. Thirty-two states had shut their banks. Texas had restricted withdrawals to $10 a day. Few states could borrow on the bond markets. Illinois and much of the South had stopped paying teachers. Schools closed for months. An army of 25,000 famished war veterans squatting in view of Congress had been charged by troopers of the 3rd US cavalry with naked sabres – led by a Major George Patton. Armed farmers threatening revolution had laid siege to a string or Prairie cities. A mob had stormed the Nebraska Capitol. Minnesota's governor was recruiting Communists only for the state militia. Lawyers attempting to enforce foreclosures were shot. More than 100,000 New Yorkers applied to go to the Soviet Union when Moscow advertised for 6,000 skilled workers.We forget how close America came to open revolt. Eleanor Roosevelt feared the country was beyond saving. Her husband kept the faith. He channelled the anger against Wall Street, diffusing it. ‘The practices of the unscrupulous money-changers stand indicted in the court of public opinion,’ he began his presidency.” Bad news: we're back to 1931. Good news: it's not 1933 yet by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard may have anticipated the impending economic collapse and structured a campaign message based upon the theme of “hope and change” which resonated with the masses at the exact time the US (and global) economy took a major nose dive. His message coupled with the global economic implosion, the bad news contained in the arrival of our October retirement fund, 401K and bank statements and the people’s dislike of Bu$h helped Obama win the White House. Was this due to Obama’s keen insight into the system? Was it a fortuitous coincidence or part of a master plan to further dupe and bamboozle the masses into going along with the nationalization (socialization?) of the US financial system at taxpayers expense?Taxpayers are being asked to pay for the failures, greed, fraud and criminality of the financial elites and their elected lackeys. What will we get out of it? The bailout has not helped people struggling with avoiding default, facing foreclosure, unemployment, homelessness and overwhelming debt. Our elected officials have embarked on an a political and economic agenda that only benefits the super rich to the detriment of all of the rest of us.Public policy is supposed to work for and be crafted to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people; the old “summum bonum” principle. But in modern AmeriKKKa the ruling elites and the super rich could care less about the masses. “Any regular person who does not understand that Americans are in a class war is out of touch with our economic reality. Rich and powerful elites that are running and ruining our country have the upper hand. Wiping out the middle class to create a two-class society nationally and globally suits them. The Upper Class can steer most wealth to themselves and spread a small amount around to keep the Lower Class content enough not to revolt. Ordinary people have a powerful weapon to fight their oppressors, yet have not yet used it. It is their money, more specifically their discretionary consumer spending. The reasons for not controlling and politicizing their spending merit examination. Time is running out to understand why millions of supposedly rational people spend themselves into economic slavery.” Class War Weapon of Choice – For the Holidays and All Days Joel S. Hirschhorn are in for some increasing hard times. Don’t passively sit back and allow the elites to make you a debt peon, and wage pauper or a overburdened tax slave. Begin to empower yourself. Discontinue gratuitous spending, work to get out of debt as quickly as possible, reorient your values away from materialism and hedonism. Decide to empower yourself by thinking independently and for yourself. Decide not to be a blind conformist and watch how your life changes.-30-
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