CRACK OR CHRIST""""""""""""

Crack" or "Christ"!by Bro Akil
From Niggas to Gods Vol. II
Escaping "Niggativity"

"Crack" and "Christ"! "Crack" or "Christ" ...two of the biggest hallucinogenic-drugs sold in the Black Community! "Crack" and "Christ".

There are only two people getting rich in these ghettos of AmeriKKKa...one "Slangin-Crack", and the other "Slangin-Christ"! One selling "Dope", and the other selling "Hope"! "Crack" and "Christ".

You got the "crack-house" on one corner with a house full of lost and desperate souls, and a "church-house" on the other, with the same.

"Crack-house" got people lined up on the walls, rocking back and forth, moaning and groaning, nose running and mouth foaming with their eyes rolling back in their head...and the "church-house" got the same. "Crack" and "Christ".

"Crack-house" got people with the broken dreams and lonely lives trying to escape the realities of life...loooking for "Crack" to take their pains away. I'm gonna smoke my tears away.

"Church-house" got the people with broken dreams and lonely lives trying to escape the realities of their lives...looking for "Christ" to take their pains away. I'm gonna shout my tears away, "Crack" and "Christ".

"Drugs" and "Jesus" got us hooked and took! If your brains ain't being "fried", they being "stupified" by a false understanding of your spirituality. If you ain't addicted to drugs, you addicted to Jesus, but you are a poor brain-dead addict just the same. We still talking about "Crack" and "Christ".

You get up on Suday, run down to the "Church-house", with the rest of the addicts, to get your "Sunday Rush" of that "Emotional High"!!! Singing, Shouting, Stomping, and Spitting!!! Getting fired-up with "Jesus"! "Jesus"! "Jesus"! "Jesus"! "Jesus"! "Jesus"! Everybody in that Church-house just Rocking!...and everybody in that crack-house across the street is rocking too...crack-rocking!!!

Artificically produced and hormone induced!! Emotional Ecstasy is the goal! Escaping Reality is the game, all the same. I don't care if you hooked on "Crack" or if you hooked on "Christ", every last one of you ain't nothing but some addicted lost souls, and you need some rehabilitation. Some of you just traded-in one drug for another... and you know you still just as crazy as you wanna be. Oh, yes you are...just have the courage to listen.

You right here, are getting fired-up on your "Crack", while you over here, are getting fired-up on your "Christ". But both of you got your head all up in the clouds, seeing spooks, spirits, ghosts, and gobblins!!! Minds playing tricks on you...glazed look across your eyes...waiting on your "crackman" to come back or just waiting on the second-coming of your "Christ"!!! But, hell...can't you see it's all the same? You both losing your mind.

You can't live all up in the clouds forever, hallucinating your life away. Gravity or Sanity is going to bring you backdown one way or another...but you still think you can fly, right?...you flying away to glory, right? You gonna fly up in the sky for the great "rapture" with Jesus, right? Right? Right? You know you crazy.

Well, you just go ahead and jump of that building, flapping your arms trying to fly, and see if Jesus gonna catch you in the great "rapture". Okay? If anything, Jesus gonna be down here on Earth "wrapping" you up in some guaze-pads and band-aids when your lil' silly self hit this here concrete ground! Yes, sir...yes ma'am, you gonna need a Saviour, once your behind hits that ground.

You better wake them brains up! You know you just crazy, but look...this is your brains on drugs...and this is your brains on Jesus. You both looking up to the skythinking you gonna fly.

Under the influence of "Crack" and "Chris". "Drugs" and "Jesus"..what's the difference??? There is none. The Black Community is full of "Crack-houses" and "Church-houses", and they are both designed to give you a distorted version of reality. And you white slavemaster enemy gave you both! I said, and you white slavemaster enemy gave you both...your crack and your Christ to distort, discourage, and supress you intelligence.

"Crack" and "Christ"...putting your mind up in another world to escape the realities of your own. Hallucinating about people with the wings that fly...people coming back to life after they die..hellfires burning under the ground...and it got us all strung-out looking like some damn clowns. Yes, this is your brain on "Crack", and this is your brain on "Christ".

It's a shame how they do us . It's a shame how they do us. Throw that pipe away people. Throw that pipe away. Pipedreams we don't need. Have the courage to live in reality, instead of emational ecstasy.

Don't let your slavemaster train you to think that stupidity got something to do with prasing Your God. Do you really think that the All-Wise and Infinitely Intelligent God has created the Scientific Magnificence of This Universe, by jumping up and down, crying, shoutin, moaning, and screaming "Thank Ya Jesus" over and over again??? Huh??? Are you trying to sat that God is stupid? Talking bout making a "joyful noise" to the Lord...like the Lord need you to entertain Him. You better be trying to make a "joyful future" for the life of your children.

How in the hell did we let these people make such a damn fool out of us??? God is a "Creator", and if you know God, you would be "creating" something in this life too...other than a whole bunch of worthless noise every Sunday moring, while the future of your people is going to Hell.

Slaves better wake up today. I said, slaves better wake up today! This man has tricked you out of your entire life for decades upon decades, and you still don't have a clue.

Your God is more real than you know. Just keep on looking for him, he will prove and he will show. Your God is more real than you know. Just keep looking...but know, that He is no fool...and will not find him in the midst of foolishness

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