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A Doctor will tell you that “Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus,” and a Celebrity will tell you to Act like a Lady think like a Man,” both of these titles implying that men are one way and women are another.

Prior to reading this blog titles like this might have made sense or been intriguing to you, but my book will cause you to ask questions like if all men are the same and all women are the same, why is the divorce rate so high, if all males are alike and females are alike wouldn’t ever

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"Common Sense is Ruining Relationships"

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, it is with great pleasure that today I will be bringing to justice a serial killer that we've all come to know and trust named "Common Sense."  For years common sense has been unconsciously destroying/killing relationships and marriages.  It is common sense that keeps individuals from effectively communicating because they assume that their thoughts are "common," causing them not to explain why they do the things they do, or how they come to the conclusions that

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The Rev. Al Sharpton calls Mark Allen "One of Chicago's  legendary political activists"


MARK S. ALLEN, Daily News Blog/Commentary



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Un-"Common" Thoughts

May 12, 2011


Raynard Jackson


Last night Michelle Obama hosted an “Evening of Poetry” at the White House.  She invited an eclectic group of poets to recite their poetry.  But, Fox News and right wing radio has singled out one performer—the Grammy award winning rapper Common—to be on the receiving end of their ire.


I don’t listen to his music, but from talking with friends who know him, he seems to be a nice enough guy and is very talented!  But, he has one song about shooting a policeman, therefo

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