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Get into this 'True to the Game' Movie Review by Minority Report featuring Black Owned Businesses:
Short was appealing when he needed to be and gangsta when the time called for it. He played the part of a boss in love, eager to get out of the game, doing whatever was necessary to make that happen.
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A letter bomb for God of terrors

Instead of you, who created all of killings?
In the name of you, who ruined many feelings?
Forever you can stay in your Private book
Or maybe as a Juggler in our holy wood
There's no difference between machines and your believers
When your funny followers uprooted many flowers
You're a papery god and stuffed with Blank page
You and everyone I know can't kill my message
Why your admirers killed messengers of freedom
Let's erase your name

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PuzzIT App now Available at the Google Play Store for $0.99 for Android Phones. The App uses your camera to take a picture or allows you to select a photo from the phone to create a puzzle.  Complete the puzzle slowly or play the PuzzIt Game and challenge yourself.  It’s the only puzzle game app that you will ever need.   I invite all my family, friends, associates and Brothers to support my effort.

Charles E. Campbell, App Developer

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