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3828599483?profile=original As a business owner and mother, Erica struggled to find safe and environmentally responsible products. And when something is broke and needs fixing, in strong Black woman form and fashion… our sista Erica decided to create a line of non-toxic, earth-friendly cleaning products. The Green Laundress offers a Multi-Purpose Spray, Laundry Soap and Tub Scrub.

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Gloria%2BDulan-WilsonBy Gloria Dulan-Wilson

I’m going to start this off with a quote from Dr. Divine Pryor. It’s so heavy I didn’t want to leave it to the end of this article:

“For the past seven years, The Center for NU Leadership on Urban Solutions has successfully created opportunities for people entangled in the law to access higher education as a way to transforming their lives. Our attempt to secure a multi-million dollar grant was only an effort to formalize what we have been doing informally over the past seve
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Martin Luther King Tribute
Award winning filmmaker Tim Greene Produces moving tribute to Martin Luther King for worldwide release.

Hollywood, Ca. Award winning writer, producer and director Tim Greene has produced the single release M.L. King-Anthem For An American Hero. He is releasing the song worldwide via the internet where you can listen to or download the moving tribute absolutely free now by going to WWW.TIMGREENEFILMS.COM and click onto the MYSPACE link. Tim served as the Grand Mars
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Two sides of a coin,Heads or TailsTwo sides of a story,Fact or FictionTwo Sides, leading to the following examples:Past or PresentTop or BottomYes or NoWrong or RightMake or BreakHeaven or HellTwo sides of a face,Evil or GoodVision of “Janus”, Roman mythological god of “Gates” & “Doors”Two opposing facesBeginnings” & “Endings”Which side does you heart lie???Two sides of an issue,Black or WhiteWhat is in-between???CONFUSION!!!Imbalance of the spiritual realmArmageddon, inevitableManifestation of
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