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  • DMV
  • West
    In the Name of Allah

    As-Salaam Alaikum, Peace & Greetings

    I would ask everyone to listen and study Sis. Mckinney's acceptance
    speech which is available at: archives section
    "Special Election" program aired yesterday, Wednesday, July 23rd.

    In my view, Sis. McKinney has already walked-the-talk! She backs
    up her words with action! As her running mate, Sis. Rosa Clemente
    says: This Dynamic Duo is not simply a "choice" they are now the


    As-Salaam Alaikum,
  • West
    Hotep;obama is bought and paid for''''this country was built on whitesupremacy''''it will business as usually''''only different it will have a black face !!!!!!!!!!
  • Chicago-Midwest
    I would not give a good goddamn what her reason for running for the presidency is, I would vote for her. Amiri Baraka talks about empty idealism, fake liberalism, but offer no alternatives.

    It appears in his [Baraka] twisted logic he has no alternative to international neocolonalism [Obame being put at the head of] invading our communities and organizations.

    I wonder if he supports Zimbabwe and Magube land reform, health care economic development and social restructure of African society? I know that Obama supports Israel, wants to bomb Iran, says we need more troops in Afghanistan and is against reparations and will not discuss political/prisoners in American jails.

    I could give another good goddamn what Baraku thanks about Rep. McKinney, I support her 100 %, and I am dimatrically opposed to Baraku's Rep. Payne from NJ who send reparations to Trinidad where he comes from.

    Curtis Mullins
    African American Council
    Tulsa, OK
  • Culled and excerpted from:
    The Ladner Report
    The Parade of Anti-Obama Rascals
    Posted: 12 Jul 2008 10:15 AM CDT
    By Amiri Baraka

    "For those who claim radical by supporting McKinney or, brain forbid, the Nadir of fake liberalism, we shd have little sympathy. As much as I have admired Cynthia McKinney, to pose her candidacy as an alternative to Obama is at best empty idealism, at worst nearly as dangerous as when the Nader used the same windy egotism to help elect Bush.

    The people who are supporting McKinney must know that that is an empty gesture. But too often such people are so pocked with self congratulatory idealism, that they care little or understand little about politics (i.e. the gaining maintaining and use of power) but want only to pronounce , to themselves mostly, how progressive or radical or even revolutionary they are.

    Faced with the obvious that McKinney cannot actually do anything by running but put out lines a solid left bloc shd put out anyway, their pre-joinder is that Obama will be running as a candidate of an imperialist party, or Imperialism will not let Obama do anything different or progressive…that he will do the same things any democrat would do and that the Democrats are using Obama to draw young people to the Democratic party. Also that there is a sector of the bourgeoisie supports Obama to put a new face on the US as alternative to the Devil face Bush has projected as the American image," By Amiri Baraka.
    The Ladner Report
  • South
    Afrikans have got to learn how to use Black Power to benefit Black People. We also have to accept the fact that the current two political parties in america are playin' us like chumps. At worst, voting for Cynthia McKinney would send a Black Power message to those parties. Best case scenario, she wins and we win. Blacks get the first Afrikan America President, Reparations, government protection of the vestiges of our enslavement, native of this land get full reparations, the price of gas goes down, the cost of living come down, whites get a better understanding of our position on issues and america become America.
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