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Financial Revolution???

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders is calling for a political revolution. Part of his proposed revolution is breaking up the big financial institutions on Wall Street.  His call has touched the hearts and minds of many progressive Democrats between the ages of 18 – 35. Let’s delve a little deeper into this proposal.

            First of all, we understand (somewhat) how this change would affect Wall Street, but what about us on Main Street?  Not much.  We who live on Main Street are

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"S'ils trichent, ne serait-il pas mieux qu'ils trichent en travaillant, en nous ayant dans leurs pattes, en devant décompter nos 09 millions de voix, au lieu de 02 millions de voix qu'ils auront facilement dépouillées et trafiqueés?" Kah Walla 

"If they cheat, wouldn't it be better that they cheat by working with us in their way, while having to count our 09 million votes instead of 02 million votes that they would easily count and tamper with?"
  Kah Walla Campaign Yaounde
Kah Walla, Cameroon People Party (CPP) Pres
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