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 By Gloria Dulan-Wilson ~

   The Original Title from the Medgar Evers Coalition was "Medgar Evers Poised for CUNY Takeover".  But, I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  I just received a communique from the Medgar Evers Coalition,  who have been struggling for more than three years now to get Pollard removed.  So now that there is a CUNY take over in the works,should we rejoice, or should we be alarmed.  After all, they could have remedied this situation three years ago, once th
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Gloria%2BDulan-WilsonBy Gloria Dulan-Wilson

I’m going to start this off with a quote from Dr. Divine Pryor. It’s so heavy I didn’t want to leave it to the end of this article:

“For the past seven years, The Center for NU Leadership on Urban Solutions has successfully created opportunities for people entangled in the law to access higher education as a way to transforming their lives. Our attempt to secure a multi-million dollar grant was only an effort to formalize what we have been doing informally over the past seve
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Monday, February 28, 2011

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Well now that I've recouped from one of the busiest weekends of Black History Month, I have finally gathered up the strength and energy to write this article.

The MEC Coalition took its concerns to Albany last weekend, during the 40th Annual Black and Puerto Rican and Asian Legislative Caucus and placed it squarely on the plates of the elected officials.

Armed with petitions, flyers, parent, student and educator support, they spoke individual
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Black Women and the Radical Tradition 2009

A National Conference presented by Brooklyn College Graduate Center for Worker Education Saturday March 28, 2009 ALL DAY (come early- seats are limited!) City University of New York 365 Fifth Avenue (at 34th Street) New York City On March 28, 2009 the Graduate Center for Worker Education at Brooklyn College will welcome some of the leading activists and scholars to take part in a national conference that will discuss the historical and current accomplishment of
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