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Florida Rapper Nulli Null pays Homage to his friend Luis Tovar in his latest contribution "Eddie Guerrero"


Nulli Null started his musical journey in Saint Petersburg, Florida - one of the most violent cities in Florida-while visiting his family in the summer. As a teenager, he started using music as an escape from the harsh realities and eventually found a way of raw expression in songwriting and rapping. Music helped Nulli cope with stress during the difficult times in his life and now he wants

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United Music Mafia Focuses on Creating and Giving Exposure to New Talent


]United Music Mafia

Founders of United Music Mafia LLC[/caption] The United Music Mafia (UMM) was formed in 2020 when GL Recordz and Royal Rich Entertainment were amalgamated into United Music Mafia. Sean Whitlow aka "Big Sean, Da Homie" and Kristen Whitlow aka “Lady Low” are the couple behind the formation of UMM in April 2020.

Being a sub-division of Young Fie (YF) Entertainment, it distributes fresh and new releases by artist and product p

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Lit Lounge Tour 2019 Friday April 19 - 21st

Jacksonville, FL * Tybee Island, GA

Orange Krush Weekend

Hosted by Wildman Teddy T Featuring Novacain @Rappingraycharles

Live performances: Yung Gordon, Badass Keema, Cash Marley, Tigga Montana, Ann Derie, Indae Da Rapper, Obm Zues, Aye Five and More!!

Friday April 19th

Club Typys 243 Edgewood S Jacksonville Florida

Saturday April 20th

3pm Day Party Rock House Bar & Grill 1518 Butler AveTybee Island Ga


Saturday April 20 2019

Club Typys 243 Edgewood S Jacksonvil

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Introducing YSN Juvy

Born Airel Culver , better known as Young street nigga Juvy or “ YSN Juvy “ . I was born & raised in fort pierce fl , where the crime rate is high . Mostly unsolved murders & and robbing goes on , my dad was never around , leaving my mama to struggle every moment of my childhood which made me leave home and get in the streets . I was arrested numerous times as a juvenile in and out of trouble couldn’t stay in school , it was nobody to support me I had to get money . I started rappin at the age o

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Florida Boy Intertainment presents Seddy Hendrinx "Death B4 Dishonor , Loyalty Over Everything" the latest offering from this rising star, make sure to support the campaign and follow the movement. [Mixtape] Seddy Hendrinx - Death B4 Dishonor , Loyalty Over Everything




Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/seddyhendrinx

Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/seddyhendrinx

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Waro%2Bof%2Bthe%2BGods.png?width=320The War of the Gods: 

Hurricanes, Fires, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Volcanoes

Initially, I was going to read to you a report on Hurricane Irma. The energy around what is happening in our world has my heart aching. Then I received this message and I want to share it with you.

I think these hurricanes are the false flag terrorism. While every one may have been expecting some rag wearing jihadist to blame it on, we have millions of people impacted by weather wars,
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Check out Da Pretty Boyz NEW official single for Fall "SaucedUp". Fresh out of Jacksonville, Da Pretty Boyz have be tearing up the air waves and stages near and far. Coming off the success of their last single 'Netflix and Chill' which is still getting play.

[Single] Da Pretty Boyz 'Sauced Up'

Connect w/ Da Pretty Boyz

IG: @TheRealMarcyyMarcc @TheRealPrettyEyez Booking Email: FloridaBoyIntertainment@yahoo.com

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@ItsVain Invades #DempWeek19

V.A.I.N.(Verbal Assault Is Nasty ) is a rap recording artist who was born and raised in Queens, NYC. Vain grew up under the musical influences of his parents, who were lifelong musicians, and the rich hip hop environment of NYC In an effort to expand his fan base and overall exposure he has recently begun touring the south, ensuring that his presence is known.

VAIN has a catalog of over 500 Hip hop songs, and numerous mixtapes. He's had the privilege of collaborating with many other talented ar

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3828547917?profile=originalInstitute of the Black World (IBW) Calls for Economic Sanctions Against Florida

Group Seeks Justice in Memory of Trayvon Martin

(New York)-The Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW), a prominent human rights and racial justice organization, is calling today for the immediate formation of a "National Coalition of Conscience" to declare an economic boycott of Florida as one means of seeking justice for slain Trayvon Martin.

Responding to the travesty of the George Zimmerman verdict, Dr. R

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Photo: "I pledge allegiance to my own Black self-respect and to the respect of all other Black and shades of Black people on planet earth; all of whom are victims of the system of racism white supremacy and I pledge to use all my life energy, intelligence and creativity, in all areas of people activity, to eliminate the global system of racism white supremacy on planet earth and to replace it with justice; so that there can be peace. So help me God." Francis Cress Welsing


Terrell Gausha

*In protest of the George Zimmerman verdict, former U.S. Olympic boxer Terrell Gausha is vowing to never sport the red, white and blue again, reports TMZ.

Gausha, who boxed in the 2012 London Summer Games, began wearing the American flag on his boxing trunks following his Olympic run. But he tells TMZ he’s done with that now in the wake of Zimmerman’s acquittal in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

“How can I wear my stars and stripes proudly in a country where they make a big deal out of Mike

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Free Marissa Alexander!


(Paraphrased from Marissa's Letter)http://www.justiceformarissa.blogspot.com
Marissa Alexander is a mother of three children (twins plus one), and is presently incarcerated at the Pretrial Detention Facility in Jacksonville, Florida which is located in Duval county. She currently awaits sentencing because she wanted to save her own life. Marissa was convicted by a jury of 6 on 3 counts of

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Boycott Florida!

The (Inter) National


In Memory Of Trayvon Martin and all those who have been affected by the unjust policies of this state.

Help shut the broken Florida system of in-justice down! It’s the only way to deal with a rotten tree….it must be uprooted!

Florida is the top travel destination in the world. The tourism industry has an economic impact of $67 billion on Florida’s economy. It is also estimated that approximately eighty (80) percent of the oranges sold in the co

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Medical science has come a long way in treating various types of cancer diseases, and discovered many healing techniques like Gene therapy, Proton Therapy, Radio Surgery therapy using TrueBeam, Immunotherapy and others. Proton therapy is also called as proton particle therapy which has been proved one of the most effective curing methods for treating various types of cancer diseases such as like Brain cancer, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Liver Cancer and others.

How proton therapy is used?


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Jamaica Awareness with South Florida Caribbean American Heritage Month Symposium Examines
“The Impact of Rastafari on the Culture of Jamaica and the World”

Half-a-century ago, the Rastafari Movement in Jamaica was brought to the attention of a larger part of the still-hostile Jamaican and world community – a citizenry which had developed a fearful attitude largely based on ignorance about the phenomenon and its adherents – by the publication of a report on the movement by three professors from the

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Join the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library of the University of South Florida-St. Petersburg on Thursday, January 21 in celebrating the life and work of Omali Yeshitela (formerly known as Joseph Waller), leader of the Uhuru Movement and Chairman of the African People's Socialist Party. USF librarian Jim Schnur will conduct an interview with Chairman Omali which will be accompanied by videos and photos of the Chairman's life and campaigns. Chairman Omali has been honored by the Nelson Poynter Mem
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Joseph Littles-NGUZO SABA Charter SchoolJune 11, 2009FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – ALL MEDIAFor Further Information Contact:Roger Madison614-855-4428Grace Daley786-253-9496SCHOOL’S FOUNDER TO WALK FOR AFRICAN-CENTERED EDUCATIONFlorida ’s only African-centered public school today announced that its co-founder and current Board Chairman, Amefika D. Geuka will walk from the school to Washington , DC to dramatize the urgent need for African-centered education for children of African descent. Geuka and his
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Elections will be in less than 100 days! To help me reach my fundraising goals I am supplementing my online fundraising for Obama for America with offline activities, most recently at a produce and flea market. Many flea market goers are looking for necessities at the dirt cheap prices.But I thought it was still a good idea to get out and set up a table at rustic Lakeland Farmers & Flea Market to reach more people offline. Customers who made a donation received one of my handmade items created f
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