21st (6)

Lit Lounge Tour 2019 Friday April 19 - 21st

Jacksonville, FL * Tybee Island, GA

Orange Krush Weekend

Hosted by Wildman Teddy T Featuring Novacain @Rappingraycharles

Live performances: Yung Gordon, Badass Keema, Cash Marley, Tigga Montana, Ann Derie, Indae Da Rapper, Obm Zues, Aye Five and More!!

Friday April 19th

Club Typys 243 Edgewood S Jacksonville Florida

Saturday April 20th

3pm Day Party Rock House Bar & Grill 1518 Butler AveTybee Island Ga


Saturday April 20 2019

Club Typys 243 Edgewood S Jacksonvil

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Yung Kizz Is A 21 Year Old Rapper From Boston, MA. He has been writing music ever since he was 11 years old and is really passionate about it! Ask him what he does everyday and he’s going to respond “I write music every single day” His main focus is making girl/relationship tracks but switching it up is not a problem for him at all
Check out ''Promises'' ft. Yesiliana:


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3828585854?profile=original NB Commentary: What gets to me most is the number of comments made on YouTube asking "what did they ever invent?" I literally want to jump thru the computer screen and scream really loud in those folks ears. It's so obvious that they are "white" folks and even more obvious that most of them, sadly, are unaware of anything that Black folks have done besides sports and entertainment. I am quite sure that the culture of racisms & white supremacy have done a great job in keeping these facts out of
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

And we're Back!

It's Aries time! Yaaay!

Aries in the house - oh yeah! Celebrate good times - come on!

I am so stoked to be here on this crazy, mixed up ball of dirt we all call earth, and "I
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 Take the
time to call in and demand Oso Blanco be given his belongings.

CALL-IN on behalf of Byron "Oso Blanco" Chubbuck Monday, NOVEMBER 21st

Byron “Oso Blanco” Chubbuck is serving 80 years for unarmed bank robbery,
aggravated assault on the FBI, escape, and firearms charges. A
confidential informant reported that Oso Blanco was robbing banks in order
to acquire funds to support the Zapatistas and indigenous children in
Chiapas, Mexico, throughout 1998-99. Because of his political background,
Oso Bla
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