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      In one of my recent columns, I discreetly pointed out that the job of the mainstream mess and social media is to elevate bad news and push good news off to the side.  Thus, when you go through the headlines of the day on your electronic device, expect the bad news and adjust yourself accordingly meaning that one does NOT have to let the bad news ‘creep in’ and be a part of their mental make-up.

      Can we be honest?  The WOKE (Weirdly Obsessing Ko

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Local Black activists and community members with DC Troy Davis are calling for a mass economic boycott in connection with a nationwide "Black Out Our Dollars" campaign to take place from August 1, 2013 until February 26, 2014. The boycott comes on the heels of the "not guilty" verdict of George Zimmerman for the killing of an unarmed 17-year-old Black teenager, Trayvon Martin, in Sanford, Florida. The dates coincide with the start of "Black August" and the day Trayvon Martin was murdered, re

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3828547917?profile=originalInstitute of the Black World (IBW) Calls for Economic Sanctions Against Florida

Group Seeks Justice in Memory of Trayvon Martin

(New York)-The Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW), a prominent human rights and racial justice organization, is calling today for the immediate formation of a "National Coalition of Conscience" to declare an economic boycott of Florida as one means of seeking justice for slain Trayvon Martin.

Responding to the travesty of the George Zimmerman verdict, Dr. R

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