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3828596641?profile=originalJay-Z's new album - 4:44 - is getting rave reviews from the record industry and from the media. But the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) whose mission statement is "We protect the Jewish people and secure justice and fair treatment for all" is coming down on him for being anti-Semitic. Should more Blacks be just as protective of their people and image? Should Blacks be up in arms too since he uses the n-word 63 times in just one song from this “praised” 10-track album? Would albums that used any OTH
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Cult%2Bof%2BPersonality.png?width=320Humanity in the modern age, treat celebrities like their predecessors of the old days treated their gods. It seems that human beings have to have something to idolize, look up to, admire, wish to be like or live their lives for.

Celebrities are the new age obsession of modern man, who once built altars and brought offerings to their gods, the modern day devotee (fan) now does the same, purchasing their pictures, videos, music in a frenzied state of wanting to be next to them, if only through a co
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For teenagers and young adults coming up in today’s hip hop generation, You Got Next is a must read! It deals with the teen related subjects of drugs, sex, peer pressure, goals and dreams, faith, surviving the streets and more! When it comes to surviving the potholes and obstacles of the streets and growing up as an African American teenager, Kamal Imani knows what’s up and brings it to you with real talk!This is the perfect book to get the conversation started or to get you reflecting on your o
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