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Born in Nigeria, Affiong’s political life began as a student activist at the University of Ibadan,
where she graduated with a BSc Hons degree in Political Science. She obtained a second degree in Law from the University of Lagos, where she developed her work as a student leader and political organiser in the Students Representative Council and the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), the umbrella organisation of the student movement.

A delegate to the 1984 Senate of the

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The Pan Afrikanist Steering Committee of Namibia against The United Nations Resolution 1973 (PSCNAUNR)        

6th June 2011


The Bombardment of Libya is an act of War and a  Desecration of the Afrikan Homeland by a set of Europeans


a)   The Pan Afrikanist Steering Committee of Namibia Against The United Nations Resolution 1973 (PSCNAUNR), notes with deep sadness, the appalling atrocity being committed by NATO’s bombardment, the protracted sponsoring of mercenaries descr

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THE REPUBLIC OFNEW AFRIKA IN THE NEWS[Excerpt from The Newport News, Volume 2 Number 4 June 1983] Republished in The Words Acts and Deeds of Khalifah: A Selection of Writings of Khalifah 1982 to 1992”No Rights Reserved: circulate freelyBy H. Khalif Khalifah……..- News Analysis….Part OneThe RNA, Republic of New Afrika, has been very much on the minds of the general U. S. population in recent months. This is mainly because of the aborted “Brinks robbery” in Nyack, NY in the fall of 1981. But the st
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A Sanctuary & Cultural Complex

Crowned "Opener of the Way" by her loving and supportive Daughters and Grand Children, upon embarking on her repatriation to Ghana, Sis Ngone Ada Aw, now a resident of Ghana, has graciously extended an open invitation to share her Family's Sacred Space in order to host succeeding Sisters and Brothers also born in the Diaspora, contemplating the question,

Pan Afrika House Retreat is not a guest house for tourists, but rather a the

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PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEE-MAIL: ctgcehh@gmail.comPHONE: 770.651.8091DID YOU KNOW HIP HOP HISTORY MONTH EXISTS? SIGN THE PETITION!INTERNATIONAL/ USA – March 15, 2009 – Not many people know that HIP HOP has its own HISTORY MONTH, in November. And…HIP HOP HISTORY MONTH has been established as November, for some years. On NOVEMBER 12, 1974, the name “Hip Hop” was born. Thus, November 12, every year, is the actual anniversary of hip hop.Why does the public not know this? And for those who
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AfrikaTalk: Realizing the Potential

Ory Okolloh tells the story of her life and her family -- and how she came to do her heroic work reporting on the doings of Kenya's parliament. About Ory Okolloh<

About this talk;
Ory Okolloh maintains the blog Mzalendo, providing an unprecedented look at the doingsof Kenya's parliament -- information once unavailable to Kenyan citizens.
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