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OFFICIAL LAUNCH of newly designed RPRAI!

Finally the time has arrived! I’m proud to announce the OFFICIAL launch of RPRAI’s newly designed homepage http://www.rprai.com/. I’m inviting you and your friends to this special viewing and hope you will return again for the latest updates! I’m optimistic you will take as much from it that the effort and determination was put into making it possible. Artists wanting to showcase their work in the gallery contact SerenadasPen@gmail.com #RPRAI #Share #Post #RT #Tumble #Stumble #Bookmark
Many Bles

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Supreme Court Deneis A Hearing For Troy

In the Name of AllahThe case of Troy Anthony Davis, Brother Mumia, Javon Dawson, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, the so-called SF8 on and on and on and on proves beyond the shadow of a doubt. Meakes me ask the question: Why are we still celebrating every hollowday, especially Hollomas that our slave-master can come up with...we ain't pick'n cotton! Or are we?Messenger Elijah Muhammad: "THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN AMERICA FOR THE SO-CALLED NEGROS WHO HAVE SHED OUR BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS BUILDING THE COUNTRY
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