For 80 years, the continent of Africa has waited to host the 1st African World Cup. They say, patience is a virtue and in our different
locations and ages, we have waited collectively or individually for
80years, 80months, 80 weeks and 80days so far. Soon it will be
8days, 8hours 8 min. and 8seconds before the games start. What a
legendary activity, we the Africa people can do on our own as a free
people, a free generation advocating for unity, peace and dignity.

We the young people of SADC/Africa, we are going to mark our 8days
before the World Cup to tell the World that Africa has been reborn as a
free continent, and Africa has been reborn as free men. The blood that
was shed and suffering that was endured and still being endured today is a sign of
our willingness to move towards our own freedom and unity with those
willing to collectively build Africa with us.

A longest African vehicle convoy will start exactly 8days before World Cup
from Zimbabwe to South Africa, speaking clearly the issues African youth are
advocating. Telling the true African story through our arts, culture,
songs, dances, photography and filming.

The African vehicle convoy of unity, love, peace, celebration, joy and smart partnership is all about bringing stakeholders, investors and friends of Africa.
It is a platform to identify individuals, companies, organizations,
investors and developmental partners willing to stand up and identify
themselves with Africa especially in investing in the African women
and youth to fight poverty and unemployment through entrepreneurship.

We are inviting anyone doing proper business in SADC/Africa to join us on this African Unity, peace, friendship, love, dialogue, tolerance, business and
awareness convoy and global campaign against drug trafficking and
abuse, human and child trafficking, unfair trade practices, crime,
violence among other issues. The convoy will showcase the natural
beauty, heritage and cultures of Africa and its people, deal with
prejudices, enlighten people’s ignorance and develop an accurate
African story as seen in the eyes of its young men and women. Our
theme is “Unite and Tell the True African Story”.


1) Automobile- We are targeting 10 motor companies doing business in Africa led by Toyota and their social responsibility is targeted on the African women and
youth, environmental issues, Agriculture, training and sports
(Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Isuzu, Mercedes Peugeot, Opel, Renault, Fiat,
Honda, Lexus, Land Rover, Ford, Hyundai, Mitsubishi etc)

2) Fuel companies

3) SADC Ministries of Youth, Arts and Culture, Tourism and Trade

4) Women and Youth organizations, SADC Youth councils.

5) Road and Air transport sector

6) Financial institutions

7) Manufacturing and mining industry.

8) Telecommunications COMPANIES

9) Media houses in SADC and Africa

0) Regional and international bodies SADC,COMESA,AU,NEPAD,UN especially ILO,UNICEF,WHO,UNESCO,UNDP,UNFPA,UNEP among others.

11) African countries, embassies and other developmental partners.

12) Schools, churches, universities, Arts and cultural organizations in SADC and Africa.

13. Property and hotel industry and tour operators including hotels, lodges and chalets.

14). African heroes and celebrities among them SADC/African football LEGENDS.

15). Friends of Africa. (Countries interested in the development of Africa and its people)

16). Marketing managers of various organizations.


Various people will be interviewed to tell their own story before driving off to speak briefly about who they are, what they like most about Africa, the
meaning of 2010 World Cup, what Africa should do, before, during and
after 2010 World Cup.

Companies will be presented with an opportunity to advertise by bringing branded vehicles with their company logos. Afrika Speaks will MAKE vehicle
banners for the participants. The journey will be filmed and be part
of Afrika Speaks legacy project.

Organizations can dress people thereby raising their visibility in Africa before the 2010 World Cup


8days before the World Cup on 3rd June 2010.


-There will be information package to be given to each registered participant.

-Each participant will be give 2010 African Vehicle Convoy and Campaign Certificate. It will only bear 10 logos of outstanding sponsors towards the African Art
Banner, Africa Day celebration and the Vehicle convoy.

-Your company will be part of backdrop banner that will be part of press conference.

-Dressing the participants.

-Branding the convoy

-Advertising through vehicle stickers.

-Sponsoring live radio/TV programmes

-Sponsor fuel and drinks for the participants.

-sponsoring promotional materials. (Posters, flyers, brochures and T/shirts)

-Naming rights.

-Sponsoring the photography and filming of the convoy.

-Opportunity to bring your roll up banners and bill boards.

-There will be exhibition space at the Roodeplaat when the convoy arrive in South Africa.

-Sponsors will be invited for a dinner on 4th June as VIPs and the invitations will bear the logos of all outstanding sponsors.

-Marketing Managers of outstanding sponsoring companies will be interviewed before, during and after the vehicle convoy. The DVD will be used as our global tool
to market and promote Africa globally.

Where the vehicles will go in South Africa?

Roodeplaat Youth Center (Pretoria) Nature Reserve. Activity, (Celebration and Exhibition). Theme: Celebrating Our Cultural Diversity.

(Nature Reserve)


You register by contacting Southern Africa Theatre Initiative 011 838 8932 (RSA),
Afrika Speaks RSA on or Khulumani Communications in Zimbabwe 0912 380 031,
African Art Banner project team on 0913 185855, 0912285107, 0913917892

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