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Legendary Temptations Review w/Dennis Edwards Highlight Benefit Veterans Concert In Chicago Friday September 3rd - also featuring Harold Melvin's BlueNotes and The Intruders
Mark S. Allen, Local Ambassador

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Dennis Muhammad, President/CEO

The legendary Temptations Review featuring Dennis Edwards, Harold Melvin's Blue Notes, and The Intruders highlight a special benefit concert for underserved veterans, Friday September 3rd at 7:00 PM at the new E
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Freeman F Chari: Before the current Government of National Unity, proponents of the theory of exclusive governance were of the belief that an MDC government in Zimbabwe would signal the end of Zimbabwe’s economic quagmire. This was premised on the assumption that once MDC gets into power, western governments particularly USA would pour economic aid into the government’s coffers. Today, we are wallowing in the realisation of the painful truth about the basic rules of engagement with these countr
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