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Free Will Joe formed at The Command Center in South Phenix City, Al in 2015 by Wiau Struggal (Keith Daniel), St. Cleair (Treives Henry), and Queen Sheena (Sheena Fanning). What was supposed to be a podcast turned into something much more when the three individual artists kept running into each other at the studio (The Command Center) for recording sessions.After hearing each other's unique sounds and creativity they finally decided it was time to bottle up three strong energies to create an exp

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Habari za jioni [Good Evening] New Afrikans

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To achieve we must believe! unfortunately belief only does not create achievement. at the same time, truly reparations is not a selfish reward. truly reparations is not for you or me. reparations is for the generations unborn.

Verse 2 - Lift Every Voice & Sign

Stony the road we trod, bitter the chastening rod,
Felt in the days when hope unborn had died;
Yet with a stea

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                                                              LIKE SARAH PALIN, BILL COSBY JUST keeps 3828512496?profile=originalon talking. He has shown up yet again with more comments lately on cable news, and on the lucrative lecture circuit, continuing to malign and slander African Americans (witness his latest middlebrow, psychobabble Walmark book, "Come on, People: On The Path From Victims to Victors" another mediocre tract contemptuous of real socio-political causality and of real material conditions faced by Afric

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Geneofisis,Thanks for inviting me to anaylze the "Restore Africa MegaCities 2020 & beyond Playlist with you, had to watch it all and really reflect deeply about the implications of what I was watching, Hoping many others will do the same.Geneofisis wrote:Date: Mar 23, 2009TECHNOLOGY ISN'T THE PROBLEMIT'S THE PEOPLE'S MENTALITY.We need to stop thinking about myself first. Self hate leads to segregation. Black people have lost true love for each other and that is why we are having soooooo many pr
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