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Confessions of an Marxist Ideologue

Rodney D. Coates ~

            Well, my colleague (Sam Friedman) has challenged me to identify the Marxist ideologues that I refer to in my most recent blurb.  The problem with friends is that they hold us accountable.  And if confession, as my Baptist friends constantly remind me, is good for the soul, then let me here and now confess –that yes once I was a Marxist ideologue.  Where do I begin –at the beginning I suppose. 

Most of you know that I was in the military, a Viet Nam veteran, and duri

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By Rodney D. Coates


Yesterday, across the U.S. headlines screamed that the “Duke Lacrosse Accuser”, “woman who falsely accused Duke Lacrosse Team” in the Huffington Post, The Washington Post, ABC News  even the Boston Globe, the story actually made headlines in the UK –has been yet again arrested.   It seems that that Crystal Mangum has been reduced to “that woman” “accuser” of the Duke Lacrosse Team.  But who is ‘that woman” and why has she achieved such notoriety.  Clearly, one who can displac

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                When I taught in Georgia, several years ago, I was repeatedly impressed by its many folk sayings.  Phrases like “butter my biscuits”, “cuter than a speckled dog in a red wagon”, “rode hard and put up wet”  and “above your raisin” peppered the conversations in bars and barbershops, town hall meetings and corner store gatherings.  Among all of the sayings that I recollect –few had the staying power of “It’s a poor dog that won’t wag its own tail.”  I must admit, upon first hearing

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We do live in interesting times

Rodney D. Coates:

As the political dust begins to settle, there are many who are
already passing the blame and taking credit for what appears to be a major
shift in American politics. The Republicans in a sweeping set of victories
have reclaimed the House of Representatives, while the Democrats only
narrowly held on to the Senate. Already pundits are sifting through the
debris, sorting through the tea leaves, and superficially deconstructing this
most recent of elections. The problem, as with mo
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