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It's Time for the Real NYC Lincoln University (PA) Alumni to Stand Up and Show Up

By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Now, as many of you know, I am a proud graduate and alumn of Lincoln University, PA - the first Black University in the United States.  There are times when I brag on LU to the point of being obnoxious.  And I suspect that there are others among us who share the same sentiment.  

Lincoln University is the only Black College on the east coast, north of the Macon Dixon line.  It was founded

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Confessions of an Marxist Ideologue

Rodney D. Coates ~

            Well, my colleague (Sam Friedman) has challenged me to identify the Marxist ideologues that I refer to in my most recent blurb.  The problem with friends is that they hold us accountable.  And if confession, as my Baptist friends constantly remind me, is good for the soul, then let me here and now confess –that yes once I was a Marxist ideologue.  Where do I begin –at the beginning I suppose. 

Most of you know that I was in the military, a Viet Nam veteran, and duri

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African Diaspora Conference-Call for Papers


PROPOSED topic of conference:
Diasporan Africans as the Sixth Region of the African Union: Roles, Expectations and Responsibilities in Building Pan-Africanism in the 21st Century


(file attached)

“Our continent gives us the second largest land stretch in the world. The natural wealth of Africa is estimated to be greater than that of almost any other continent in the world. To draw the mo

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Afrikan Freedom means Defeating Neo-colonialism Thousands of Afrikan people are expected to join in this year’s Afrikan Liberation Day (ALD) commemoration activities. They include a series of educational workshops during April and May; a demonstration outside the offices of Royal Dutch Shell Oil 16th June 2009; with the main event taking place on Saturday 30th May 2009 at 12noon in St John’s Church hall, Meeting House Lane, Peckham, London SE1 2UN. The theme for this year’s Afrikan Liberation
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FROM THE BORDERLANDS: Nkrumah and continentalismextract from The Citizen published 27th May 2008 in Khatoum and JubaOne of the persons who influenced the generation of leaders who lead their countries once self government was obtained, was Nmadi Azikiwe, who later became President of Nigeria. From 1925 to 1934 Azikiwe was a student and teacher at African American colleges and Universities in the USA, during which time he absorbed the anti-racist African American tradition.From 1934-7 Azikiwe was
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