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The Destruction of White Supremacy

Part One of my new book will be read, Sunday Nov. 6, from 10am to 11am sharp; a discussion, questions & answers 11am to 12 noon.

      Of course Reparations/Expropriations and other aspects of the Just Law (MAAT) is topic # One: the premise for the entire 417 page book is "Black people have all the knowledge needed to win our Liberation. Struggle: Since "Knowledge, indeed is Power, this is not the problem.

        “The Problem

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DECEMBER 20, 2010 ~


In the first of three “End of Year Statements,” H. Khalif Khalifah may have given an early “New Years Resolution” to many in Black America when he called on Blacks in high and low places “to leave your system jobs and do for self” in the coming year.


In no uncertain manner and tone, Khalifah who lives on a 123 acre farm, a tract of the birth land of Nat Turner, previously stated that “corporate America do not deserve the precious minds of our children.


“We must raise up

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H. Khalif khalifah -

DECEMBER 15, 2010 -

DREWRYVILLE, VA [FROM THE NAT TURNER LIBRARY] The “$300 million dollar” Museum opened at the site of the first house of United States presidents, George Washington and John Adams received a sharp, negative criticism by The New York Times. But the historic site is a treasure trove for additional evidence to back up the demand for Reparations.

The tone of the article is, at least, partly because of the plethora of documentation the museum contains about bot

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Once again we owe a show of graditude to Sons of Africa for the information about The Stono Rebellion. Information about Sons of Africa can be obtained at KAfrica33@aol.com An excerpt from one of their postings about The Stono Rebellion that prompted the following blog by
H. Khalif Khalifah
It was information about The Stono Rebellion, Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vesey & Nat Turner that helped to uncover my Purpose in Life. The information about Stono, Prosser and Denmark (to a lesser extent, since i
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SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA JANUARY 19, 2009 While the United States of America, and the world celebrate and anticipate the inauguration of the first African in history to the presidency of the “American experiment,” as Dr. Obadele I Obadele, former president of The Republic of New Afrika refers to it – Black Community Organizers held series of summit meetings on the land where one of Black America’s most reverent Community Organizer in history, Nat Turner, led the Black Liberation Army of 183
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